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Melancholic woman traveling by train, steadycam shot

Melancholic thoughtful woman sits on the windowsill looks out the window frustration sickness hopeless loneliness depression alone beautiful home bed lonely gown comfortable close up slow motion

Depressed man with ginger beard looking very worried


Sad african american man in winter hat looks at the camera and smiles shyly

Pensive older woman looks into distance experiences sentimental longing

Pretty blue-eyed caucasian woman in a black dress enjoying the fresh wind while standing near the open window, taking deep breath. Wind plays with her hair. Breathing, feeling bad

Beautiful sad brunette

Sad, unhappy young handsome man sitting in armchair at home


unhappy woman with curly long hair dressed white shirt express regret for something Isolated on Green Screen

Worried girl sitting on the seesaw and swinging slowly

Side view portrait of sad depressed young woman sitting indoors thinking. Frustrated hopeless Caucasian slim beautiful millennial alone at home. Depression and loneliness concept.

A young Caucasian man acts sad as he sits in a park in an urban area on a sunny day - buildings in the blurry background

Sad woman standing alone on the street at night

Sad woman traveling alone in the train, steadycam shot

Sad woman walking alone in the ruined, district, steadycam shot

Worried man sitting in the garden

A young beautiful Muslim woman thinks about something in a park in an urban area - closeup

Sad woman traveling alone by train, steadycam shot

A young Asian woman thinks about something as she sits on a bench in a park on a sunny day

A young black woman is sad and shakes her head as she sits on a low wall in a park in an urban area at night - city lights in the blurry background

Sad man sitting alone in pub at night, steadycam shot

Frustrated middle aged retired grandmother worrying about health problems.

Business woman portrait. Serious mixed race female professional outdoor portrait closeup in the city thinking future, serious, pensive concept

Girl listening music on headphones and crying because of hopelessness, steadycam

Closeup Of Pensive Senior Man Sitting In Kitchen At Home, Looking Away

A young handsome man looks thoughtfully out of a balcony in a luxurious apartment - closeup

Sad woman sitting on sofa in the living room and drinking coffee

A young black woman thinks about something and sits on a bench in a park on a sunny day

Attractive blue-eyed sad woman in a black dress opens old-fashioned window, the wind blows in her pretty face, takes a deep breath. Depressed, moody atmosphere, having trouble. Slow motion

Handheld close up shot of pensive elderly man in straw hat gazing into distance and contemplating about life

Melancholic deep in thoughts and dreams lovely african american woman in pajamas listening to music with bluetooth headphones, sitting on bed under warm duvet, hugging knees, feeling loneliness.

Beautiful woman looks sad while listening music in the outdoor cafe, steadycam s

Melancholic Beautiful Portrait Of Young Thoughtful Woman At Sunset

Sad, unhappy man listen music on cellphone sitting by the window in the kitchen

A man walking alone through poppy field. Blur and Medium Shot.

Portrait shot of melancholic young black woman with orange standing against chalkboard wall and thinking about something

A young beautiful woman lies on a couch and cries into a pillow in a dark room - closeup

Unhappy man sitting alone in the restaurant

A young Asian man looks thoughtfully around on an apartment balcony in an urban area - closeup

Pensive bou standing on the balcony and looking at something

Sad man standing alone on the street at night

Sad woman lying on bed and looking to camera

A young black man walks back and forth and thinks about something - green screen studio

Pretty girl sitting on terrace and looks very sad, steadycam shot

Pensive man riding in the bus, steadycam shot

A young handsome man stands in a street in an urban area at night and looks into distance in thought - closeup


A Caucasian man thinks about something in an urban area - face closeup

Thoughtful young woman sit on sofa looks upset feels lonely