Easily create video to promote, educate and train

Storyblocks for Education gives faculty, staff and students the ability to easily make high-quality, engaging video at any skill level

Before Storyblocks for Education

    Creating videos is time-consuming, with a steep learning curve. Resources and budget are limited, making it hard to justify costs for software or services. Coordinating access for students to video creation is a headache. Sourcing stock content is expensive and time-consuming.

    After Storyblocks for Education

      Creating professional-looking video is easier and faster than ever with everything you need in one place with Storyblocks for Education’s large library of content, unlimited downloads, simple video editor, and comprehensive license. Videos for current or prospective students are more engaging and driving results. Access for students is simplified through Single-Sign On (SSO).

      Storyblocks for education

      Set students and staff up for success


      Whether you’re creating video for promotion or education, you’ll have access to an easy video editor, unlimited downloads, full-coverage licensing, and a library of content to create engaging video quickly.


      Give students, faculty, or staff full creative freedom to create video with a customizable plan that checks all the boxes, whether it’s for a single school or an entire system.


      Quickly and easily create videos for a course or promoting your organization with our all-in-one rapid video creation platform, complete with full-coverage licensing and unlimited downloads.

      Trusted by industry leaders

      The Washington Post
      NBC Universal
      Harper Collins

      Create confidently with full legal protection

        Written directly to your department, institution, district, or organization, our business license protects your entire team and any content they create, in perpetuity. No matter where or when you use our content, you’ll always be backed by the highest legal coverage in the industry with up to $1,000,000 in indemnification.

        Prioritizing accessibility

          We know how important accessibility is in the education space, no matter if you’re a school, university, or eLearning business. We’re in the process of creating a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT™) to meet accessibility requirements.

          Create video at scale

            Enable anyone to easily create high-quality video quickly with Maker for Teams, our video editing tool that connects directly with Storyblocks’ content library.  Leverage brands, templates, and shared projects to create with confidence and get your videos in market quicker.

            Image of Storyblocks Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro

            Unify your creative workflow

              The Storyblocks Plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud connects your content library and creative tools in a single view - enabling any organization to seamlessly access content in one place and create videos faster.

              Set your students up for success

              We work with you to create a scalable, customizable plan that fits your faculty, students, school system, or organization’s video creation needs.

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