8 Ways Schools and Students Benefit from Video Creation

Video creation levels the playing field for students. Students everywhere can create engaging videos, and Storyblocks can help them do it. 

Every student is a storyteller with something important to share. They’re already creating and sharing content on social media, so it makes sense that they would want to produce videos in school as well, and that they too can benefit from video creation.

I’ve seen first-hand the impact video creation can have in a classroom. Before working at Storyblocks, I was a fifth-grade teacher. I encouraged my students to create videos for different subject areas. 

When they had a chance to work on video projects, they got started right away. They organized their ideas efficiently, downloading, uploading, and sequencing content to compose visually compelling stories about everything from ancient civilizations to plant life cycles. 

In doing so, they consolidated their understanding of the subject matter we were covering in class, and they gained an important skill along the way.

young female black student working at computer

Students everywhere can benefit from creating engaging videos, and Storyblocks can help them do it. 

 If teachers provide students with the time, tools, and opportunity to make videos in the classroom, the results can be amazing. 

 Video creation levels the playing field for students. Students who are less confident in their academic abilities can showcase their understanding of the curriculum through video production and create beautiful, finished projects they are proud of. 

 Wherever students’ college or career journey takes them, they have acquired a relevant skill that they can use throughout their lives. Along with their resume, they can wow their future employer with a video of themselves explaining why they should be chosen for the job. They won’t be intimidated when their boss asks them to make a quick explainer video or internal training video.

Storyblocks provides students with a digital learning tool that will prepare them to create more compelling video content. 

As a Business Development Manager at Storyblocks, I work with K12 schools, colleges, and universities to help them get started using our platform. 

 Storyblocks is an unlimited, annual stock media subscription service. We offer expansive libraries of video, audio, and image content as well as a user-friendly, web-based video editing tool- Maker

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Educational institutions that want to empower their staff and students to create more impactful video content should consider getting a Storyblocks Enterprise subscription. Here are eight ways we can help your school and students:

  1.  We empower students to tell more moving stories.

     Students are already creating and sharing videos on social media. With Storyblocks, they have an unlimited creative resource that enables them to communicate effectively with a wider audience and benefit from video creation.

  2. Our plans offer unlimited downloads.

    There’s no need to worry about download limits. Your students and teachers can download as many assets as they need and use those assets as many times as they want. 

  3. Your school is protected with worry-free licensing.

    With our comprehensive business license, your students and staff can feel comfortable and confident incorporating Storyblocks content into any of their projects. Their finished work can be posted on the school website, YouTube channel, or even entered into film festivals. Check out the license we provide to education customers here

  4. Video editing is easy with Maker.

    Students can build fundamental video editing skills with our easy-to-use video editor – Maker. We encourage students to keep their finished projects in a digital portfolio, so they can share them with future employers or clients. 

  5. Our platform builds valuable skills.

    Storyblocks is a tool used by professional videographers and creatives all over the world. By gaining experience with this tool, students are honing an important skill – video content creation – that can be used in all kinds of contexts from the college classroom to the career field. Your students will wow teachers, professors, clients, and employers with their finished works. 

  6. We offer expansive libraries with over 1,500,000 assets.

    Students, teachers, and administrators can search through beautiful footage, after effects templates, animated backgrounds, music tracks, sound effects, photographs, vectors, and more. Our demand-driven libraries and carefully curated collections will inspire your students and faculty to reach their creative potential. 

  7. Diverse communities are represented in our content libraries.

    We are committed to providing content that represents diverse and underrepresented communities. Find out more about our Re:Stock initiative here

  8.  Storyblocks offers a flexible plan for every budget to benefit video creation.

    Our plans are customized and scalable. From a few user seats to unlimited users across an entire school or district through Single Sign On (SSO), we can create a scalable plan to fit your use case. 

To see if Storyblocks is right for your school, just fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you shortly!