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Stock Animated Backgrounds

Mesmerize your audience with royalty-free HD and 4K animated backgrounds.

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Tell a captivating story with motion backgrounds

Stock animations, motion backgrounds, moving patterns - whatever you call them, our library has the perfect backdrop for your videos. Rather than showing a narrative like two people talking, our animated backgrounds are used to set an emotional tone in a more abstract way. In addition to their usage as background videos for YouTube, Instagram, and audio-based videos, they are also great for live performances. Our looping backgrounds are perfect for live worship events or visuals at EDM and VJ performances. Whatever your project, Storyblocks is here to help.

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2022 new year neon animation on black background

Happy New Year 2022 animation with dynamic particles Reflection

Santa Claus Rides Sleigh isolated on black with alpha channel, 25 FPS.

Santa Claus Rides Sleigh isolated on black with alpha channel, 30 FPS.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Animated colorful fireworks display celebration theme

Automobile assembly line production in car factory

Into the Universe Animation, Background, Loop

Motion abstract geometric shapes triangles and lines, colourful Memphis background. Elegant and luxury dynamic style for business and corporate template

Top Collections

From abstract to energy themed, science to medical, music to technology, we have what you need to craft your story. All of our animated backgrounds are available in 4K and HD format, and can be downloaded as an .MP4 or .MOV file.

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Geometric Backgrounds
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Tips and Tutorials

You don't have to be an expert to edit moving backgrounds in your videos. Learn how to layer text, static images, and footage onto backgrounds via our tutorials hub.

Affordable stock motion backgrounds for landing pages, concerts and more.

Animated backgrounds are useful in many projects, especially in videos where audio is the primary feature. For example, lyric videos use moving backgrounds to display text on a visually interesting surface. Using greenscreen and alpha channel techniques, you can create some truly amazing sequences. You may also see these in explainer videos, voiceover sequences, and YouTube intros & outros. They are also used in video ads and commercials, TikTok videos and website backgrounds. When layered behind After Effects templates, you can create moving text that gets your message across with flair.

Why Storyblocks?

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Professional grade animations

Our massive library includes 66,000+ HD and 4K motion backgrounds created by professional filmmakers and animators so that you can wow your audience both online and at live events.

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Simple, clear licensing

At ease, legalese. Our straightforward licensing means anything you download is yours to keep and use forever—100% royalty-free. Plus, you get the highest level of industry coverage from both our Individual and Business licenses.

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Affordable subscriptions for content creators

With us, you get loads of production quality content for the price of one clip elsewhere. Our unlimited plans let you download as many clips as you want so you can test multiple compositions to see what works best.

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Versatile & Easy to use

You don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to make something awesome. While our backgrounds can be used in tools like iMovie, MovieMaker, Adobe Premiere Pro, and FinalCut Pro, you can also use these for simple online projects or even non-video work.

Plans & Pricing

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    Plans with licensing for small businesses, freelancers, and hobbyists.

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    Plans with licensing for creative teams working at larger companies.

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With our unlimited subscription package, you can download as many clips as you want, and they’re yours to keep forever. You’ll find the perfect clip for your project, from news segment b-roll to text animation for YouTube videos. Find an individual or business plan that meets your needs today!