People are watching 19 hours of video online every week, on average. The best time for you to start creating video was yesterday. The second best time is right now.

This free, nine-episode course will teach you the fundamental steps to create high-quality video, fast. Binge watch and become an expert in under an hour — no experience needed.

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Episode 1 • 5 MINS

Part 1: Ideation

Episode 2 • 5 MINS
Know Your Audience

No matter how large or small your audience is, knowing who they are and what they respond to is essential to creating high-performing and successful video content. Take it from Shannon Beveridge of NowThisisLiving, and music artist Zolita.

Episode 3 • 5 MINS
Set Goals and a Distribution Strategy

Before you pick up the camera, knowing exactly what you want to achieve and where your video will live impacts how you'll shape, develop, and distribute your content.

Episode 4 • 5 MINS
Create a Concept

You’ve set your audience, your goals, and your distribution channels. Next, you'll need to determine the core message of your video and how to communicate that message through a centralized concept.

Part 2: Creation

Episode 5 • 5 MINS
The Basics of Video Editing Everyone Should Know

So, you’ve recorded your content and collected your B-roll, now what? Follow the tips in this episode to bring the pieces together, and edit your video like a true professional.

Episode 6 • 5 MINS
Stop the Scroll: Techniques to Engage

With such a low barrier to entry in content creation, there’s more competition than ever. In this episode, Shannon Beveridge and Zolita will show you how to make your content engaging enough to hook your audience and stop the scroll.

Episode 7 • 5 MINS
Your Visual Aesthetic

Creating a unique visual aesthetic is important for two main reasons — it gets your audience familiar with your content and helps drastically speed up your video production. Learn how Chrystopher Rhodes of YCImaging creates a visual style.

Part 3: Distribution

Episode 8 • 5 MINS
Test and Optimize

The work's not over once you publish your video. Learn how to use the post-launch stage to test out what works for your audience, and optimize to inform your future best practices.

Episode 9 • 5 MINS
Repeat and Scale

Now that you know how to get a video out into the world, here’s how to do it again. And again. Find out how to scale your video productions and make more videos without sacrificing on quality from Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom.