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Before Storyblocks for Business

    Keeping up with the increasing demand for video feels impossible. Your team is doing their best with limited resources, but they’re barely keeping up with requests, let alone the competition. Too much of your time is going towards managing budgets, licenses and permissions, when you’d rather be managing campaigns.

    After Storyblocks for Business

      Your team has everything they need to create in one place with unlimited downloads, streamlining their creative process to speed up output and turnaround time. You’re able to spend more time testing creative and new channels. With access to high-quality content and templates, your videos are looking and performing better than ever. One flat cost makes budgeting easy.

      Built for creative teams

      The Storyblocks for Business difference

      Streamlined creative process

      An all-in-one rapid video creation platform with unlimited downloads allows your team to jump right into create, test, share, storyboard, and edit in one place, saving valuable time.

      Business Licensing

      Our business licenses are written to your company or organization, giving your team complete creative freedom and iron-clad protection when you use our content.

      Professional-quality content

      Our library has everything you need to create high-quality, professional video for any audience with pre-made templates, diverse footage, and more.

      Trusted by industry leaders

      The Washington Post
      Image of Storyblocks Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro

      Effortlessly scale your video creation

        The Storyblocks Plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud unifies your creative and storytelling process in one tool - enabling businesses of all sizes to effortlessly scale video creation, impress audiences, and achieve strategic goals.

        Create video at scale

          Enable anyone on your team to easily create high-quality video quickly with Maker for Teams, our video editing tool that connects directly with Storyblocks’ content library.  Leverage brands, templates, and shared projects to create with confidence and get your videos in market quicker.

          Changing the faces of stock

            Every story deserves to be told - that's why we're on a mission to make stock more representative. Re: Stock is an ongoing initiative to diversify our library with authentic footage by hiring filmmakers from underrepresented communities.

            Create confidently with full legal protection

              Written directly to your organization, our business license protects your team and any content they create, in perpetuity. On our Enterprise plan, your company will always be backed by the highest legal coverage in the industry with up to $1,000,000 in indemnification.

              Imagine your team with Storyblocks for Business

              Take the first step in leveling up your team’s creative process and get ahead of the competition by requesting a personalized quote today.

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