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Lonely woman gazes out window, feeling sad and frustrated

Peaceful man enjoying foggy landscape in morning. Depressed guy silhouette standing on mountain at sunrise. Sad man looking mystic horizon in autumn. Male person feeling harmony with nature alone

Unhappy sad male with depression and mental health issues and post traumatic stress disorder

Worried man relaxing at home 4k

Upset businessman finding mistakes in documents in office. Close up frustrated worker looking at laptop computer at home office. Sad business man reading finance report at notebook indoors

Alone man silhouette staring at the window closed with curtains in bedroom. Man stands at window alone

Depressed woman sitting on the floor

Front view of a somber young girl indoors, mental health concept.

Troubled employee reflecting in office corridor

Young student observing Golden Gate Bridge traffic at dusk

Sad, desperate woman walking by window at home at night, super slow motion

Depressed adult businessman feeling sad after being fired

Professional burnout. Tired asian woman freelancer or student closing laptop, feeling exhausted from online work

Frustrated businessman thinking in office corridor

Reflective young woman enjoying sunset from mountain top. Serene portrait of millennial woman in evening light. Self-reflection and mindfulness concept.

Close-up of thoughtful woman sitting on city embankment. Sad beautiful person with broken heart outdoors.

An unhappy and desperate woman, close up

Time lapse of bored middle eastern businessman sitting with head in hands at office desk during workday

Close-up of young man thinking indoors. Sad thoughtful guy planning startup idea on coronavirus crisis in home office. Slow motion.

Young woman experiencing sadness at home, close-up, slow motion

Close up of a depressed woman thinking about her problems


Portrait of Anxious Black Man, African American Guy sitting at Kitchen Table

Depressed Man with Head on Table

Front view of sad and depressed woman indoors, mental health concept. Slow motion.

Thoughtful man on beach, feeling down.

Pensive woman at beach, gazing into the distance at sunset.

Mature woman reflecting in bed

Contemplative man by the sea, reflecting on life

Blood pressure problems. Upset middle aged asian man suffering from headache, tracking shot, free space

a woman who was crying under the table because of being bullied by her friends

Stress anxiety and social issues

Sad man under umbrella at rain

Lonely girl walking at sunset coast. Back view of walking woman on sunset beach. Sadness concept. Evening relax of alone woman. Girl watching sunset alone. Woman enjoying summer walk in slow motion

Frustrated businessman getting bad results on laptop computer at home office. Upset guy reading news on computer screen at remote workplace. Portrait of sad business man working laptop at home kitchen

Portrait of thoughtful blonde woman behind iron fence

Thoughtful young woman in kitchen. Reflective girl at home. Lifestyle, emotional well-being concept.

Portrait of a Thoughtful Young Woman on an Urban City Embankment

Depressed woman using her smart phone

Silhouette of woman sad sitting on the windowsill and looking out the window

Sad woman suffering from depression lying in bed in night.

Young woman riding Chicago subway at sunset. Reflective female on moving train.

Side view stressed guy looking ocean landscape in morning. Closeup worried man sitting on beach. Male model with sad face expression. Sad man feeling alone. Person looking down. Frustration concept

Concerned man sitting by the window

Thoughtful woman sitting on windowsill, looking out with frustration and sadness in a beautiful home.

Pensive business man dreaming while lying in bed

Sad woman traveling alone in the train, steadycam shot

Rear view of a single hooded man in the subway. Concept of loneliness

Exploring Iceland's Nature: Young Woman Walking Through Field