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Loneliness. Close up of bearded man feeling lonely while sitting on the floor and drinking alcohol

Sad teenager girl looking outside through the window in the rainy day.

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky

Asian woman sitting alone in hospital. Worried and anxious from thinking of bad news 4K

Problems. Close up of young girl crying heavily while feeling nervous and dispirited

Sad young woman sitting in bedroom alone looking away feeling depressed mood and thinking about gloomy things unhappy expression

Crying- woman eye with tears

Young pensive woman looking at cityscape in the evening lights HD

Silhouette of sad woman sitting on the sill and looking out the window

Lonely man at seaside in sunset time

Hopeless adult woman thinking about her problems

Depressed African American male in front of school locker 4k

Wide shot portrait of hopeless depressed young woman sitting on city stairs sighing thinking. Beautiful Caucasian millennial holding head in hands looking away. Procrastinating concept.

Eyes of an old woman crying

Unhappy sad male with depression, mental health issuesand post traumatic stress disorder

Depressed woman propped up on pillow in bed

Upset Man Sitting in Stairwell

Unhappy woman sitting at home and looking thoughtful

Asian troubled man wearing a hood in an empty room

Sad, desperate woman standing by window at home during sunset, super slow motion

Upset woman lying in a bed and thinking

Depressed adult businessman feeling sad after being fired

Troubled African American Male sitting in stairwell 4k

Sad adult woman thinking about her problems

Sad, desperate woman walking by window at home at night, super slow motion

Silhouette of sad woman sitting on the sill and looking out the window

Concept Of Frustration Fight Argument With Hispanic Boy Shouting

Upset man thinking in nature

Sad man sitting on bench in the city

An abstract concept of solitude and loneliness.

Silhouette of woman sad sitting on the windowsill and looking out the window

Despaired young man covering face with hands while sitting on couch and listening to african american psychotherapist during counseling session

Sad Man at Seaside

Sad, unhappy young handsome man sitting in armchair at home

Portrait of young attractive female standing on the shore of the sea with plaid, looking into the distance and thinking.

Unhappy sad male with depression and mental health issues and post traumatic stress disorder

Depressed man in the darkness: depression, sadness, sad, loneliness. 4K UHD

Sad man missing someone while laying in bed

Lonely Woman Looking Sadly at the Sunset from the Sailing Ship. Slow Motion.

Sad man standing next to the window at home

Depressed Hispanic Girl With Sad Emotions And Feelings

9 Black Old People Portrait Worried Senior Lady Face Expression

Lonely woman staring at small harbour in the evening

Anxiety stress and mental health issues

Young woman walking through the field on the shore of the sea and thinking, exploring the nature of Iceland.


Peaceful man enjoying foggy landscape in morning. Depressed guy silhouette standing on mountain at sunrise. Sad man looking mystic horizon in autumn. Male person feeling harmony with nature alone

Upset man thinking while sitting on steps

Sad girl crying during sunset on nature closeup