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Pensive man sitting behind window and drinking beverage, steadycam shot

blurry city skyline window view. sad bad weather. rain drops background

Depressed woman propped up on pillow in bed

Lonely woman staring at small harbour in the evening

Depressed man with ginger beard looking very worried

Melancholic woman traveling by train, steadycam shot

Upset older man sit on sofa lost in sad thoughts

Horizontal medium portrait of sad young Caucasian man with beard on face sitting at dining table, his friends dancing behind him

Silhouette of a sad teenager locked in a room

Defocused of sadness Asian Girl, Depressed Youth, Feelings, Pan shot

Sad African American man looking up and thinking while lying on couch at home in daytime

Sad woman suffering with depression sitting on sofa

Man having depression sitting on the bed


A Caucasian teenage boy thinks about something as he sits in front of school - closeup

Sad man standing next to the window at home

Desperate redhead woman sitting alone at home on New Year's eve. Portrait of depressed beautiful Caucasian lady spending holidays thinking. Lonely Christmas of single woman. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Sad man standing alone on the terrace and looking on the river

Pensive man standing in the park and look thoughtful, steadycam shot

A young Caucasian man acts sad as he sits in a park in an urban area on a sunny day - buildings in the blurry background

Sad woman lying in a bed

Sad woman leaning on hands with eyes closed

Depressed and frustrated young woman against wall 4k

Sad beautiful woman looking to the camera, close-up

Pensive woman's profile looking out of the window

Sad young woman in a car

Ink Sad Story

Attractive, sad woman sitting by the window

Woman sitting alone and thinking, steadycam shot

A young Asian man looks thoughtfully around on an apartment balcony in an urban area - closeup

Worried girl sitting on the seesaw and swinging slowly

Sadness Asian Girl, Depressed Youth, Feelings, Pan shot

Young, sad man sitting in the train and looking in the window

Tourist man relaxing at the edge of a dock alone on a mountain lake on a beautiful summer day - medium shot

Sad woman lying on bed and looking to camera

Sad woman crying on sofa at home

Sad and depressed young girl sitting in stairwell 4k

Worried woman in thoughts at home

Tattooed male in hat clasping hands while sitting on floor under lamp in dark room alone

Close-up portrait of depressed Caucasian young woman looking at camera. Headshot of frustrated beautiful slim lady posing indoors. Depression and loneliness.

Unhappy woman sitting on the sofa in the apartment, steadycam shot

A young black man walks back and forth and thinks about something - green screen studio

Female upset and depressed sitting curled up on steps 4k

A young handsome man looks thoughtfully out of a balcony in a luxurious apartment - closeup

Sad gorgeous long blonde hair girl looking out the window in the evening at home. Depressed young charming woman waiting for a call and checking phone while sitting alone on the floor near big window

slow motion somber girl with rose visits gravestone in cemetery

A sad sweaty sportsman looking down. A man in depression. The play of light

Thoughtful african american female lying in comfortable bed lost in thoughts, thinking of problem solution. Pensive black woman relaxing in bedroom suffering from insomnia, sleep deprivation at night.

Unhappy man having problem and standing next to the river at night, steadycam sh