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Interaction between solutions of barium nitrate and sulfuric acid. Formation of a white precipitate of barium sulphate. Close-up

Workers in clean room in a semiconductors manufacturing facility

Scientist working in a pharmaceutical company laboratory

Lab scientist looking through microscope in science laboratory. Science laboratory research at pharmaceutical factory. Lab technician using laboratory microscope

Equipment in chemical laboratory, colored liquid in flask

Focus from nitrogen tank to digital displays of control panel

Pharmaceutical manufacturing workers check factory equipment. Pharmaceutical technology process. Two lab workers in orange suit working on pharmaceutical processing machine

Top view of African American scientist examining drop of blood in flask during scientific experiment in the laboratory

Slowmo tracking shot of interior of chemistry lab Microscope, test tubes in rack, beakers and flasks are on table

push in from test tubes to the microscope in a science laboratory

Lab equipment for organic chemistry experiments.


Full high angle shot of Asian female employee of research chemical laboratory working on new synthetic compounds - typing on laptop, then walking over to flasks with liquids and adding reagent

Close up of unrecognizable students experimenting in physics class. Students wearing identical T-shirts at school. Schoolchildren testing mechanism in science laboratory.

Glass flask at laboratory shaker. Closeup of medical laboratory equipment. Preparing for medical research. Pure liquid mixing in glass flask close up. Mixing component in medical laboratory glassware

A Victorian era scientist working in his laboratory using a dip pen to make some notations of his work.

Tilt down no people shot of professional microscope on white table and shelves with glassware at workplace of unrecognizable scientist in laboratory

scientist dropping chemical solution for analyzing : hologram chemical structure in futuristic technology for testing in laboratory

Medicine equipment at pharmaceutical manufacturing. Medical expertise equipment at medical lab. Close up biomedical laboratory centrifuge working. Automatic biochemical analyzer

Chemistry laboratory equipment. Pure liquid mixing in glass flask at laboratory shaker. Chemical lab background. Chemical laboratory room. Chemical research equipment. Chemist working place

Clean room manufacturing of silicon wafers for the semiconductors industry

Modern pharmaceutical warehouse interior panoramic view. Factory worker in sterility medicine warehouse inside view. Interior of pharma research storage with modern technology

Chemist working with glass flask. Test tubes. Closeup. Row of glass flasks in medical laboratory. Laboratory flask with liquid. Chemist doing chemical test in glass flask. Laboratory glassware

Technicians operating high-throughput screening instruments.

Science laboratory room. Steadyshot of modern research laboratory. Empty science lab room. Pov of medical laboratory room. Lab working space. Science laboratory interior

Chemist laboratory with nobody in it modernly equipped prepared for pharmaceutical innovation using high tech and microbiology tools for scientific research. Vaccine development against covid19 virus

crystal meth lab showing drugs

pharmaceutical company laboratory

Industrial production of medical masks - The machine produces medical masks and staff working with the mask

empty old vintage research laboratory

Scientist mixing liquids in flasks in a research lab. Special equipment for mixing fluids in lab. Intern mixing reactants together in the

police detective putting evidence in bag

1885 scientist writing in his journal


Full high angle CCTV camera shot of Asian female employee of research laboratory working alone - typing on laptop, then walking over to table and handling chemical liquids and reagents


No people shot of microscope and glass test tubes in stand racks on white table in modern scientific laboratory

Close up of micro pipette tool and medical equipment in empty laboratory. Nobody in microbiology room with microscope, vacutainers and blood sample as research instruments on desk

Chlorophyll line icon on the Alpha Channel

Research laboratory interior. Point of view empty science laboratory room. Pov of medical laboratory workplace. Walking in modern medical lab room. Science laboratory room

Engineers testing materials for mechanical properties.

Corona virus outbreak - scientist in a lab developing coronavirus vaccine

Pharmaceutical laboratory working place. Empty chemical lab. Laboratory equipment on table in pharmaceutical lab. Steady shot of equipment on table in research laboratory. Medical lab

Scientist conducting experiments in a pharmaceutical laboratory

Workman measuring detail in dark workshop during work

Laboratory people. Scientists working in chemistry laboratory. Biologists team working in laboratory. Modern science laboratory. Researchers working with laboratory equipment. Scientific research

Medium shot of professional Caucasian scientist woman in lab coat and magnifying glasses analyzing lab grown plant on petri dish sitting by lab table

Unrecognizable male photographer pouring liquid substance in container while making solution for developing film in darkroom

Computer with green screen working in labooratory with mock up monitor, chroma key display while professional engineer testing virus evolution in background. High tech development lab.


Hands of female scientist with a pipette analyzes a liquid to extract the DNA and molecules in the


No people shot of test tube racks, microscope and laptop on white table in modern scientific laboratory