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Four scientists in white lab coats standing indoors and discussing project that black man showing on white board

Two scientists standing and looking at tablet during the conversation on a factory

Lab technician examining samples and liquid using microscope in equipped laboratory. Scientist working with various bacteria, tissue and blood samples, pharmaceutical research for antibiotics

Medium shot of two scientists watching monitor and analyzing

Female scientist in disposable gloves, hat, face mask and protective glasses looking through microscope and making notes while working in laboratory

Medium shot of scientists using a holographic display screen

Low angle close up of unrecognizable medical scientist in protective coveralls, respirator mask, goggles and gloves holding petri dish and observing bacteria growing in it

Group of multicultural scientists standing next to whiteboard and listening to the colleague showing them her research project

scientist thinking

Two scientists discuss the trajectory of the shadow of the solar eclipse moving along the surface of the Earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Medium shot of a male scientist examining holographic DNA chain

Medium shot of three chemists in lab coats discussing research details after studying samples with microscope

Female and male scientists and an assistant are talking in modern laboratory

Side view of adult man in white gown and glasses watching in microscope while working in lab

Woman scientist holds a biological sample. In the background - modern laboratory

Close up shot of female scientist in protective uniform, mask and glasses looking through microscope while doing lab research during covid- outbreak

Group of multicultural scientists standing next to whiteboard and listening to the colleague showing them her research project

Slowmo shot of group of scientists in chemical suits placing soil and water samples inside working suitcase while sitting on their laps by river bank with polluted water

Medium shot of scientists examining bacteria in a laboratory

Scientist looking at camera standing in a plant and talking. Horizontal indoors shot

Zoom shot of young scientist conducting medical research in laboratory with team

Scientist writing on the clear board

Medium shot of researcher studying sample in microscope in laboratory

Medium shot of researcher studying sample in microscope then turning to camera in laboratory

Waist-up shot of group of multiethnic postgrad students and female teacher in white coats working together in lab on futuristic interactive AR touchscreens. Template for AR, VR graphics.

A scientist in a laboratory analyzes the soil and the plants inside to collect the plant DNA. Concept: analysis, dna, bio, microbiology, augmented reality, biochemistry, immersive technology

Chemist nurse explainig to doctor vaccine development in modern equipped laboratory pointing on tablet. Team of doctors examining virus evolution using high tech researching diagnosis

Male scientist looking at boiling flask in laboratory 4k

Medium shot of two scientists watching monitor and analyzing

laboratory technician looks at tablet pc for his notes

Male Scientist Working In Laboratory

Close-up of male microbiologist sitting by workplace in laboratory and holding petri dish with lab-grown in-vitro meat while carrying out scientific research

Side view of scientist in hazmat suit sitting at table and researching coronavirus vaccine during work in modern laboratory

Likable confident smart experienced multiethnic medical scientists working together in clinic office and discussing about dna structure on flipchart on the board

Medical research scientist typing codes on pc in biological applied science modern equipped laboratory. Lab engineers in white coats conducting experiment for vaccine development against covid19 virus

lab doctor using a microscope

Ecologist sampling water from the river with test tube, Biologist wear protective suit and mask collects sample of waste water from industrial, problem environment, scientist environmentalist

Two Scientist looking at DNA on computer screen

Rack focus from scientist digital tablet PC to researcher desk working on a computer with advanced scan

turn of the century scientist looking at a chemical and taking notes 4k

Geologist examines a rock or volcanic sample with a magnifying glass

Macro Shot Of Lab Tech Placing A Blood Sample On A Bightly Lit Microscope Slide