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Man research scientist looking at samples under microscope in modern equipped laboratory. Eldery doctor working with various bacteria, tissue and blood tests, pharmaceutical research for antibiotics

The study of biomaterial in the laboratory under an electron microscope.

Laboratory worker adjusts the zoom microscope

Computer controlled microscope inspecting a drop of blood

Medium shot of researcher studying sample in microscope in laboratory

macro side view of a microscope turret being turned

Embryonic mitosis stem cells colony tissue section magnified in microscope. Cellular therapy research, disease treatment 3D animation. Pathology diagnosis. Biology and human body medicine concept. 4K

Male Scientist Using Microscope In Laboratory

Embryonic stem cells colony under a microscope. Cellular therapy and research of regeneration and disease treatment in seamless 3D animation. Biology and medicine of human body concept loop. 4K

Bacteria Under a Microscope - Black

The researcher working with a microscope in a laboratory

Close up of examining of test sample under the microscope in laboratory.

Tilt From Laboratory Samples To Monitor Showing Omicron Variant

Close-up of a scientist using microscope in a laboratory, close up

concept of study under a microscope, microbiology, life under a microscope, fluid, lymph, plasma, cells.

Cells Through Microscope

Laboratory technologist using a microscope to examine a smear or specimen on a slide during a medical diagnosis, close up view on his hand and the objective lenses of the instrument

Animation of a damaged and disintegrating cancer cell

closeup doctor looking in microscope

cancer research scientist looking through a microscope

Female scientist with microscope in lab. Woman scientist doing microscope research. Microscope scientist working in lab. Lab scientist looking in microscope. Science laboratory research

Medium shot of a female scientist using a microscope in a laboratory

Bacteria Under a Microscope - White

Heart tissue cells under the microscope

Dolly shot of scientist looking into a microscope in modern high end laboratory. Displays with 3D brain and DNA scans are running in the background

woman scientist in the laboratory mixing chemical reagent yellow liquid in stirring beaker Spbd. female doctor watching reaction in flask. concept analyzing, check, research.

macro focusing microscope

closeup lab tech with sample of Coronavirus virus

Person explain to students the work of electron microscope

Virus, bacteria or coronavirus disease in microscopic representation. 3D render animation of global pandemic disease. Healthcare system colapsing

concept of scientific research, microbiology, plasma, cells, benign cells, laboratory

Male researcher looking through microscope

Close up of african woman doctor analysing virus using microscope. Multiethnic team examining vaccine evolution using high tech for scientific research of treatment development against covid19

Macro Shot Of Lab Tech Placing A Blood Sample On A Bightly Lit Microscope Slide

Laboratory microscope science research inspecting chemical drop on sample slide

The scientist working with a microscope

Close-up shot of microscope inspecting blood drop

Black female scientist making research in modern chemistry laboratory. She working with microscope and beaker.

Biologist scientist looking at test sample using microscope

3d rendered video with bacteria.

CSI team looking at evidence on microscope

Heart tissue cells under the microscope

Animation Of A Damaged And Disintegrating Cancer Cell in frozen condition

Make scraping colonies of bacteria

3d rendered video with bacteria.

Medium shot of young Asian woman in lab coat, glasses and rubber gloves working in laboratory and using microscope

Side view of woman in medical uniform looking at microscope in laboratory

Slow motion of a researcher using a pipette in a laboratory. France