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Crop young female scientist looking down a microscope in a laboratory surrounded by colorful chemical solutions in test tubes and beakers

3D Animation of abstract molecule. Concept of science or medicine

A scientist in a laboratory analyzes the soil and the plants inside to collect the plant DNA. Concept: analysis, dna, bio, microbiology, augmented reality, biochemistry, immersive technology

In a laboratory, a scientist with a pipette analyzes a colored liquid to extract the DNA and molecules in the test tubes. Concept: research, biochemistry, nature, pharmaceutical medicine

3D rendered footage with animation of rotation of model molecules from glass

CHEMISTRY Animation, Background, Rendering, Loop, 4k

Senior biochemist looking at some green bio samples in modern laboratory

Scientist taking out a red liquid from a conical flask and placing it into plate

PAN slowmo of African-American male scientist in white coat, goggles and face mask injecting experimental drug into white lab rat while Asian female colleague working on laptop

Laboratory workplace for DNA test

Scientist doctor looking at blood sample and typing on computer while coworker opening door using digital computer with touch scan. Woman examining virus evolution using high tech and chemistry tools

Close up shot experimenting on plants with GMO in modern research facility

Medical team discussing about petri dish with vegan meat

Close up of man scientist looking through a microscope in modern equipped lab. Lab technician examining virus evolution using high tech for scientific research of treatment development against covid19

Biochemistry doctor analyzing vacutainer with blood while having microscope on desk and using computer in professional medical laboratory. Specialist woman doing analysis experiment

lab tech picks up a vial of covid19 vaccine from a tray

Shutter of a lens opening and revealing microorganisms under the microscope

Portrait of female scientist in laboratory

In busy biochemistry laboratory scientist are working with samples

Female scientist looking microscope eyepiece. Portrait of woman scientist looking through microscope

Microscopic visualization of plasma cells.

Laboratory doctor looking at camera smiling in modern equipped lab. Multiethnic team examining virus evolution using high tech and chemistry tools for scientific research, vaccine development.

Medium shot of three scientists working in laboratory

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering - a woman labor working with plant samples in test tubes

Medium shot of male scientist pouring blue liquid into conical flask

inside laboratory of pharmaceutical company, people are working over new vaccine and drug, man and woman are researching

DNA helix in close up

Side view of man in uniform and glasses holding dropper and chemicals while experimenting with plant

Scientist put test tubes with samples analysis on a rack. Close-up. 4K.

Medical team researchers analyzing botany expertise on computer

Close up shot of unrecognizable scientist in gloves studying blood sample on slide under microscope

Black scientist microbiologist picking cell based lab grown meat from Petri dish with tweezers and talking with mature colleague during work in laboratory

Bio researcher looking at samples and talking with her assistant in modern laboratory. Zoom in slow motion shot

Scientist analysing blood sample and typing at computer with green screen, chroma key display. In background man lab researcher discussing with doctor about vaccine developent.

Biological research on stem cells derived from embryos and use in medicine

Scientist working in a pharmaceutical company laboratory

Scientist conducting experiments in a pharmaceutical laboratory

Scientist preparing a liquid sample on a glass plate for a microscope.

Scientist taking out a purple liquid from a conical flask in a lab

Microscope with optical lens examining blood sample in laboratory. Scientist using microscopic tool with magnifying glass and glassware to investigate dna test and genetic. Close up

Slowmo PAN shot of young female scientist in wheelchair observing lab rat and glass tank and typing on computer while her colleagues discussing research in background

A purple liquid being transferred to a conical flask, close up, slow motion

Close up of doctor using optical lens on microscope in biochemistry laboratory. Specialist using microscopic magnifying glass instrument for dna investigation and genetic bacteria

Scientist put a purple liquid into a conical flask in a lab,slow motion,tracking

DNA helix molecule from stem cell chromosome biotech genetic medical engineering

Abstract DNA Strands on a grid background. Science technology concept.

A woman's work of the microbiologist in the laboratory.

Lab technician working in a pharmaceutical laboratory weighing pills