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A person raises hands towards the sky and makes a prayer, muslim prayer concept

Worship 1025

Christ praying on the Mount - ELS

Worship 1031

Jesus silhouette standing on hill crest with sun and clouds behind him.

Holy Cross with red silk scarf - panning

Worship 1059

Prayer on the mount

Pilgrim in the Himalayas. In search God

light on the bible with flare

Silhouette young man praying outside at beautiful sunset. Male asks for help finding solace in faith, concept religion.

Silhouette of Christ and the Sun - CU

Praying with open hands.

dolly right bible on a fireplace hearth

Night in Gethsemane Garden - people with torches

Stairs Going Leading up to a Divine Light Source in The Bright Blue Sky | Stairs to Heaven | Full HD 1920 X 1080 | Motion Background

Holy Bible with Dove of Peace illuminated by a beam of light.

Church windows in Broglie, Normandy France, PAN

Pilgrim in the Himalayas. In search God

Worship 1076

Priest is doing a blessing with thurible.

Christ praying on the Mountain - MS

dolly bible and candles

Worship 1015

Man kneels before the priest

Christ under Cross with people - double exposure

Night in Gethsemane Garden - torch flames

Worship 1024

Crown of thorns and crosses in storm with ray of Light

Door Opens in a Dark Room and Bright Light fills the room | Slowly opening door fills the dark room with divine light | Blue 2

Holy Land. Bethlehem. Palestinian National Authority

Worship 1077

Nativity Scene - Pan Shot

Christ praying on the Mount - Prophecy

Extreme closeup dolly shot of the front cover of a Bible.

Silhouette of man standing in a calm ocean praying and/or meditating at sunrise or sunset while he is looking for answers and salvation.

Worship 1070

Representation of the Holy Spirit moving over water during Creation.

Catholic Dome in Union Square - Day 01

Pilgrim in the Himalayas. In search God

Sunrise beyond a hill with cross and rocks - MS

person picking up bible from chair

Giant Hands Of God Rising and Covering the Planet Earth | Version 2 | Science Fiction Space Fantasy | DCI Ultra HD 4K 4096x1204 | Full HD 1920x1080

Man falls to his knees and prays

Thankful man stands in still water of the ocean with hands reaching out towards the sun in a worship pose then moving into a lotus position looking for inspiration at sunrise or sunset with his reflection in the water below him.

Cross - three candles

Sunlight Through Church Stain-glass Window

Tilt up shot of a man moving his arms into a worship pose while standing in the water on a beach reaching out towards the sun seeking answers and looking for inspiration at sunrise or sunset.