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Panning of African-American pastor wearing black trousers, shirt and white collar standing in Lutheran church and preaching sermon to several diverse parishioners

Cross on the hill at sunset - zoom out

People in a prayer rally

Zoom out view of wooden cross with fluttering cloth placed on rocks against blue sky on day of Jesus Christ resurrection on Golgotha in Jerusalem

Altar with candles and unidentified prayers standing in front of icons in an Orthodox Church. Eastern Europe, cca. 2017

Icon of Christ in the Church

Panning of African-American pastor wearing black shirt and white collar sitting on wooden bench in Lutheran church with closed eyes and praying to God

A slow cinematic dolly shot of a young woman with a Bible praying at home.

Prayer and faith concept - a slow dolly closeup shot of a woman praying over an open Bible while sitting on a couch at home.

Inside the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis, Santa Fe Church Interior Art

Jesus silhouette standing on hill crest with sun and clouds behind him.

Prayer on the mount

religious symbol background. catholic christian cross. gods love

Depressed man frustrated by religion, throws his bible book away

Man stands in the ocean with rays of light coming in and his palms open receiving the grace of goodness from almighty.

Reading a Book in Copenhagen Church

pioneer woman reading a bible by fireplace light

Meeting Of Bible Study Group

Young christians sitting in circle and praying

Bright Stained Glass Light


Brass candle holders inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Slow motion, dolly shot.

5 in 1 video! The cross on the background of cloud flow. Time lapse. Wide angle

Worship, Hand Raised At Church During In Congregation During Service. One hand raised at worship

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion. Silhouette man close up praying with sunset background.

Sunlight Through Church Stain-glass Window

Silhouette young man praying outside at beautiful sunset. Male asks for help finding solace in faith, concept religion.

Light Particle Praise

A young Christian woman reading the Bible and praying in a park.

Clouds Stretch Over Cross

Easter Resurrection And Empty Tomb Crosses

The heavens spinning behind a silhouette of Jesus' cross on Calvary

Apparition of Jesus Christ in the Cloudy Sky with Holy Bible in the foreground Version 01 Seamless Looping Animation Background

Medium shot of a man reading The Bible at home

Man stands in stillness of the ocean with hands reaching out towards the sun in a worship pose seeking answers and looking for inspiration at sunrise or sunset with a beautiful reflection of himself in the water.

Christians having a praise and worship session in a church

People in a prayer meeting


Behind view of a woman in headscarf praying inside the orthodox church. Slow motion, dolly shot.

Group of christian students showing unity

5 in 1 video! The cross on the background of sunrise. Real time capture

Jesus and Satan on the Mount of Temptation - LS

Christ praying on the Mountain - MS

back lit closeup of woman reading a bible

stylized church cross

Lockdown of unrecognizable priest wearing black robe standing at altar and preaching sermon in Lutheran church during Eucharistic rite

person picking up bible from chair

Sun shines through the stained glass window in the church

Crowd In Praise

View from Behind Pews in Church