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Jesus silhouette standing on hill crest with sun and clouds behind him.

Light comes from the face of God

Pilgrim in the Himalayas. In search God

Silhouette of Jesus with open arms on a shore

Zoom out view of wooden cross with fluttering cloth placed on rocks against blue sky on day of Jesus Christ resurrection on Golgotha in Jerusalem

Bright light comes from the Lord

Pilgrim in the Himalayas. In search God

Christ praying on the Mountain - MS

Panning of African-American pastor wearing black trousers, shirt and white collar standing in Lutheran church and preaching sermon to several diverse parishioners

Christ, as seen from behind, walking alone through poppy field.

Jesus Light Sunshine Through Cloud Time Lapse

Christ carrying a heavy Cross on Calvary hill - Long Shot

Holy Cross on Calvary

Jesus in the Wilderness and bonfire - CU

Panning of African-American pastor wearing black shirt and white collar sitting on wooden bench in Lutheran church with closed eyes and praying to God

Christ praying on the Mount - Transfiguration

Silhouette of Christ and the Sun - CU

Holy Cross with red silk scarf - panning

Night in Gethsemane Garden - people with torches

Jesus christ with raised hands

Zoom out view of illuminated manger covered with white sheet located in dark inn stable on day of Jesus Christ birth in Bethlehem

Jesus Apparition in Clouds during sunset blesses a devotee praying with folded hands Seamless Looping Animation Background

Jesus in the Galilean mountains, the Holy Land

Silhouette of Christ and the Sun - LS

Silhouette Of Magdalene And The Three Crosses

Church bells ring out over the land.

Metal nail covered with blood and stuck in wooden cross after Jesus Christ crucifixion

Christ in the Wilderness - Desert Stream A

Lockdown of young Caucasian woman sitting on pew in Christian church with hands folded for prayer and praying heartily

Crown of Thorns with Hammer and Nails

Candles are lit in the church. closeup

Cross In The Field

Jesus on the Calvary Cross - stormy day

Christ under Cross with people - double exposure

Icon of Christ in the Church

Via Crucis (Way of the Cross). Sanhedrin trial of Jesus before Anna and Caiaphas.

Silhouette of Jesus against the Sun

Holy Cross and Big Sun at dusk

Jesus Stained Glass

Closeup bloody nails and crown of thorns placed on opened Holy Bible after Jesus Christ crucifixion

Jesus in the Wilderness and bonfire - LS

Light Particle Praise

Child praying at sunset, thank God. Silhouette child praying to the God with bright sunbeam on the sky. Religion concept.

Christ the Redeemer, Brazil over sunset, 3d animation.

Low angle view of young Caucasian red-haired man wearing jacket and white shirt standing in Christian church, crossing himself and then going away

Nazareth, December 24, 2018. Christmas mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation

Holy Bible with crown of thorns and nails placed on lumber cross with signboard after Jesus Christ crucifixion

Inside of the Orthodox Church - woman praying