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Praying man at sunset, close up

Cropped Shot Of Family Praying Holding Hands Celebrating Thanksgiving Indoor

A serene cinematic dolly shot of a young person with a Bible in prayer at home.

Religious woman sit at desk fold palms pray to God

Woman Eyes Closed In Prayer, Side view of African Person In Meditation

Prayer on the mount

Woman in headscarf praying in the catholic church. Slow motion.

Unrecognizable Family Praying Holding Hands Sitting In Circle Indoors, Cropped

Handheld shot of four men praying together in basketball court

Panning of African-American pastor wearing black shirt and white collar sitting on wooden bench in Lutheran church with closed eyes and praying to God

Religious Senior Man In Contemplation Eyes Closed In Prayer Expressing Gratitude And Spirituality In Monochrome Black And White

Hands holding, praying on open Bible book. Hands of an old woman on an open book. The concept of reflection and meditation

Young man praying at sunset, seeking solace in faith and religion.

Devoted Elderly Group Praying at Home with Sunlight Streaming Through Window. Four Seniors Engaged in Prayer, Holding Hands with Hope and Faith

A person rises her hands towards the sky and makes a prayer

Bible study and faith concept - a handheld closeup shot of a woman praying over an open Bible while sitting on a couch at home.

A Young Black Man Praying To God Person Opening Eyes To Sky Smiling

An expectant mother, a pregnant woman, holding her hands together on top of a Bible and praying.


Elderly man looks forward in the sky

wide shot of three women holding hands in prayer

Elegant Woman in Sundress Praying at Sunrise

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion. Silhouette man close up praying with sunset background.

Pilgrim in the Himalayas. In search God

Young Woman Praying with Bible: Closeup & Camera Pan

Man's hands reading a book by candlelight

Close up shot of female palms against window, unrecognizable muslim lady praying to God, gesturing hands up, slow motion

Woman praying at dark room

Man worships with his head up to the sky and his hands together praying while standing still in the ocean during sunrise or sunset seeking the truth from a higher power, God, the Universe, or the holy spirit.

Prayer over the Holy Bible

Close up tilt down shot of African American man sitting with eyes closed, holding hands clasped and saying prayer at home

Grandmom praying with grandaughter

An old woman prays with her hands on the bible, close-up


One Priest Prays in Church and Thinks about Religion. Portrait of a Young Adult Man Thinking about Faith and God. Rituals Inside the Church

Diverse women praying in church during Sunday service

Young man in church, crossing himself and leaving

Beautiful Back Girl Looking At Sky With Hope Diverse African Young Woman Face Close Up Looks Up With Faith

Portrait of Christian African American woman with eye closed holding catholic rosary, saying prayers, asking for bless, mercy and peace while standing on green field in morning

Man falls to his knees cries and prays

African American Doctor Praying in Hospital: Portrait of Hopeful Man during Pandemic

Thoughtful young man praying outdoors with beautiful summer landscape in the background

Morning Worship with a Hopeful Young Woman

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion. Silhouette man close up praying with sunset background.

Serene Asian Woman Meditating in Yoga Pose on Mountain Peak at Sunrise

Child praying at sunset, thank God. Silhouette child praying to the God with bright sunbeam on the sky. Religion concept.

People in a prayer rally

Monk throws up his hands

Close-up man praying on Mediterranean beach in sunshine. Young believer meditating outdoors.

Bible reading inspires heartfelt prayer for this beautiful woman