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A female silhouette embracing the positive outflow of energy through meditation.

Close Up Relaxed Young Man in Sportswear is Meditating in Lotus Position Sitting on Yoga Mat With Closed Eyes at Home Enjoying Meditation With Hands in Namaste.

back view woman sitting lotus pose on meadow nature landscape at sunset slow motion

Attractive African American senior woman meditating outdoors with her eyes closed focusing on her breath - dolly shot

Silhouette of young beautiful healthy woman meditating in lotus position by the sea at sunset. Young woman practicing yoga outdoors. Harmony and meditation concept. Healthy lifestyle.

tranquil yoga girl meditating and relaxing outdoors wellness lifestyle

Asian man meditates in the living room among the plants

Woman doing yoga pose on the background of a blooming apple tree

Portrait of calm pretty black female enjoying relaxing music in wireless headphones, meditating in lotus position with eyes closed, experiencing mental and spiritual healing on mountain peak at dawn

Sporty Young African American Woman Practicing Yoga In Child's Pose

Yoga Self Realization Nirwana 4K and Full HD Seven Chakras Animation 7 Chakras

A yogi with a fiery aura sits in meditation over the endless ocean of life.

An abstract concept of being at one with the universe through meditation.

African American Man Meditation and Awareness Practice with Presence

Young caucasian woman in black jumpsuit sitting in lotus position and meditating, yoga at home. Slow motion

mindfulness, spirituality and healthy lifestyle concept - woman meditating at yoga studio

Woman meditates on nature

Young woman doing yoga on sup board at sunset. Close up shot

Healthy Asian yoga woman sitting in lotus position with closed eyes, front view

A female silhouette empowering the positive energy of mindful meditation.

Person in lotus yoga pose achieving nirvana or enlightenment HD Seven Chakras | 7 Chakra Animation

Silhouettes Against Sunset of Three Young Slender Girl Practicing Yoga Flower Outdoors.

A female silhouette sitting on a rock at the ocean's edge, meditating in the lotus position in-front of a beautiful golden sunset.

A man sitting on the couch meditates

Full shot of woman meditating on the seashore. Back view

Man Sitting On Edge Of Bed At Home Meditating During Lockdown For Covid-19

Woman Doing Yoga Sitting on a Bench in the Woods

Asian woman sitting and do meditation morning mist at resort and wellness pool

Woman meditates on nature

7 chakras Lotus pose self realization Seven Chakras Animation

A young woman does yoga exercises standing on the top of a forest mountain against the background of a river and a forest landscape. Balance of body and spirit, relaxation and meditation

African American couple meditating at home

Caucasian woman in yellow smiwsuit practicing yoga fitness exercise at seashore.

Mixed race gender fluid person practicing yoga meditation on roof terrace

Sacred Geometry 1004: The Seed of Life (Loop).

Human Mind and Consciousness Biocentric relation with Space & Reality concept stock animation

The Minds Eye 1002: A computer generated man meditating.

Close up low section shot of unrecognizable woman sitting in lotus pose with hands in mudras while meditating on yoga mat beside swimming pool in tropical garden

Back view of woman sitting cross legged meditating on her balcony towards the sun. Morning rituals for mindfulness and mental health concept

Sacred Geometry 1003: The Flower of Life (Loop).

Chinese Businessman Meditating Yoga Outside Office During Work Break

Human sitting under tree. Man repose on grass in nature. Outdoors - outside. Young man meditating in half lotus - beautiful sunset as a background.

Camera moves around young calm tourist woman with backpack enjoying wind in hair at epic mountain view in Sri Lanka.

Silhouette of a hand with pebble stones on a background of sunset and sea. Balance concept.

Woman meditates against the sea

Man Practicing Yoga At Sunset By The Sea. Lotus Pose

Woman relaxing while meditating and doing yoga exercise beside river

A single Female silhouette meditating on a rock in-front of the Aurora Borealis and shooting stars.