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Silhouettes of hands raised in worship with light rays and Cross.

Cross with rays and candles - collage

Hindu man meditating with beads

Bright Stained Glass Light

Reading a Book in Copenhagen Church

Priest In A Church Walking With Smoking Thurible

Chiang Mai, Thailand : Loi Loy Krathong and Yi Yee Peng - Festival of Lights and Lanterns - Buddhist Monks Release Floating Lanterns Southeast Asian

Light Particle Praise

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion. Silhouette man close up praying with sunset background.

People in a prayer rally

Cao Dai Worship Bow

Silhouette of Mary at Holy Cross

Old City, Dome of the Rock, Jewish Quarter of the Western Wall Plaza, with people praying at the wailing wall, Israel, Jerusalem,

Pilgrims doing the tawaf(circling) around Kaaba...

closeup of a man in the 1930s man reading the bible

Night time lapse of Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth, December 24, 2018. Christmas mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation

Prayer and faith concept - a slow dolly closeup shot of a woman praying over an open Bible while sitting on a couch at home.

Bowing In Vietnamese Temple

Silhouette young man praying outside at beautiful sunset. Male asks for help finding solace in faith, concept religion.

Close up hands of woman who is reading from Holy Bible

Worship 1059

Jesus Apparition in Clouds during sunset blesses a devotee praying with folded hands Seamless Looping Animation Background

Candlelight in the night, tealight candles, calm

A Hindu old man in yellow national costume offering special spiritual prayer to god in the foothills of the Himalayas, Kullu Valley, India

Apparition of Jesus in the Cloudy Sky with Holy Bible in the foreground Version 02 Seamless Looping Animation Background

Worship, Hand Raised At Church During In Congregation During Service. One hand raised at worship

GALLE, SRI LANKA - MARCH 2014: The view of Buddhas in a temple in Galle. Galle is the administrative capital of Southern Province, Sri Lanka and is the district capital of Galle District.

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion. Silhouette man close up praying with sunset background.

Crowd In Praise

Close Up Pan of Bible Versus

Man kneels before the priest

Footage of an open Quran, the focus moves along the opened page...

Architecture garrison temple Church in Ukraine

Orthodox priest is cross oneself and prays in orthodox church

Church Logo Reveal

Row of Chairs in Church with Bible

Cross on the hill at sunset - zoom out

Worship 1015

Stained Glass Sun Rays

Monk throws up his hands

Old man praying at home

Group of burning candles on black background.

Man worships with his head up to the sky and his hands together praying while standing still in the ocean during sunrise or sunset seeking the truth from a higher power, God, the Universe, or the holy spirit.

View from Behind Pews in Church

Worship 1025

VARANASI, INDIA - 20 FEBRUARY 2015: Crowd gathered around hindu priests performing Ganga Aarti ritual.

Ethereal Stained Glass