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Holy Bible with bookmark. Camera rotation.

Depressed man frustrated by religion, throws his bible book away

Close Up Pan of Bible Versus

Man's hands reading a book by candlelight

Closeup on reading Holy Bible dolly shot

Medium shot of a man reading The Bible at home

pioneer woman reading a bible by fireplace light

A woman sits in a comfortable chair and reads from the Bible.

person picking up bible from chair

wooden Crucifix cross at mountain

Bible Light Rays

back lit closeup of woman reading a bible

wooden Crucifix cross at mountain

dolly bible and candles


Holy Cross on Golgotha Hill - passing time

a vintage bible on a fireplace hearth

bible light burst

light on the bible with flare

Silhouette of Holy Cross - old paper

Meeting Of Bible Study Group

Hands of young man flipping through Holy Bible. Reading holy scripture on windowsill at home

open bible on a fireplace hearth

dolly right bible on a fireplace hearth

Christ silhouette on the Mount - old paper

Woman Reads From Bible To Young African American Girl

Woman turning pages and reading the Bible

closeup John 16 in bible

pan john 16 in bible

young nun in the dark

A slow cinematic dolly shot of a young woman with a Bible praying at home.

Yellow pages of an old Bible

Christ praying on the Mount - Prophecy

Black Man Reading Holy Bible

Medium shot of a man reading The Bible and praying

closeup of a man in the 1930s man reading the bible

Man reading the Holy Bible

Man is using a hand flip books to read. Close up of open book with pages flipping. Page of Bible, close-up.

Vintage Christmas Bible. Bethlehem Star And Magi

The Holy Bible in the morning light - copy space

A young Christian female student reads the Bible, takes notes and writes on a laptop. Dolly move shot with follow focus.

An old woman prays with her hands on the bible, close-up

A closeup dolly shot of man reading bible love thy neighbor

Man falls to his knees cries and prays

over shoulder reading bible

A woman is encouraged after reading her Bible and being in prayer

Man turning pages of the Holy Bible

Man reading an old book or bible in the dark, closeup

Christian woman reading the Bible and taking notes on a tablet.