How to make an intro for YouTube

Is making a YouTube intro for your channel worth it? Yes – learn why you should have one and what to include for a great intro for YouTube.

Think about your favorite online vlogger or web series—what do they both have in common? What makes their videos so memorable? The answer is a killer intro. A visual sequence that grabs your attention and locks you in for the rest of the video. An intro is the first thing an audience sees and is often the most recognizable aspect of any creative video. (Especially when it’s pared with a catchy intro song). Whether you’re a video newbie or seasoned pro, you can level up your own YouTube channel by learning how to make a YouTube intro.

To make it a little easier or save yourself some valuable time, you can use video templates and stock audio from the Storyblocks library to create a custom YouTube intro. But first, let’s break down exactly what a YouTube intro is, why you need one, and how to create the best YouTube intro.

What is a YouTube intro?

A YouTube intro is essentially how you welcome your viewers to your channel. It’s the first five to ten seconds of your video that introduces either you and your channel or your brand—just like the opening sequence to your favorite TV show. To establish continuity and familiarity with your viewers, your YouTube intro should be the same in every video on your channel.

Why do I need an intro for my YouTube channel?

Credibility and recognition go hand-in-hand. By making it easier for your viewers and potential subscribers to recognize your videos, you can increase audience engagement. You’re building brand loyalty by creating a connection between your YouTube intro and your audience.

So, what makes a great intro?

A great YouTube intro is all about showcasing your personality! This is your channel, after all. But it should also reflect the kind of content that you’re creating on YouTube. If you make breaking news videos, keep your intro short and sweet with more serious or intense music. If you’re a vlogger, choose something that can show off the kind of vlogs you do and choose music that matches your niche. Whatever direction you take, be bold. The internet is an endless sea full of creatives just like you so it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Using dynamic visuals and catchy tunes will help you attract and retain viewers.

How do I make a YouTube intro?

You could create your own custom YouTube intro in After Effects or Premiere Pro. Or you could save yourself valuable time and effort by using a pre-made, customizable template. There’s thousands of intro templates available in the Storyblocks library, including After Effects intro templates, Apple Motion intro templates, and Premiere Pro intro templates. (If you’ve never used a template, don’t worry, we’ve got a tutorial explaining the process here.) Pair your template with royalty free stock music song that resonates with the theme of your channel or brand voice and voila!—you’ve made a great YouTube intro.

Download this Fashionable Stock AE Template.

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Learning how to make a YouTube intro is just one part of setting your channel up for success. Making your own YouTube intro not only steps up your video quality. It also adds professionalism and unique branding that’ll attract viewers and subscribers. Ready to take the rest of your channel to the next level? Learn more about how to make a successful YouTube channel.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 27, 2017. It’s since been updated to include additional information.