5 background vlog music options for your vlogging niche

Find the perfect soundtrack for your videos with our top 5 royalty free vlog music tracks that fit any vlogging niche.

If you’re a vlogger, you know how tough it can be to keep your audience’s attention throughout a video. While you’re the star, there’s different tactics you can use to keep your viewers engaged – but one of the easiest is adding vlog background music.

Adding vlog music also gives you a great opportunity to dial in to your niche. If you’re traveling in a foreign country, adding music that reflects that culture is a great touch. Or if you’re vlogging yourself making a recipe, adding high-energy tracks can make even the most basic chopping montages exciting.  We’ve compiled 5 vlog background music options from the Storyblocks library to help you take your vlogs to the next level and keep your viewer’s attention.

5 vlog music options

Travel vlog music

Suggested Song: MoodMode – Memory of the Future 

Suggested Genres: Pop, Electronic 

When you create your travel content, insert energetic vlog music to capture that feeling of excitement. You want to immerse your viewer into that travel experience you create for your viewer. Travel vlogs often reel in viewers who are curious about a new destination. Whether it’s a sunny destination or somewhere more city-like, having upbeat, electronic vlog music will make your viewers excited to explore with you. If you’re traveling in a foreign country, you can also look for world music to make it an immersive experience.


Suggested Song: Oleksii Abramovych – Lunar Lines 

Suggested Genres: Inspiring, Hip Hop

If you’re a creator with a focus on cooking, try pairing inspiring, hip hop vlog music with your food video. Cooking content should be an exciting, comfortable experience for your viewer. Recipe videos tend to be longer and are thorough, so keeping the vlog background music engaging is must. This might be a viewer’s first time creating the recipe so positive, light music will set them at ease and make them comfortable recreating the recipe in their own home. 


Suggested Song: C.J. Harris – Pinky

Suggested Genres: Playful, R&B 

Lifestyle vloggers have a lot to do, so having playful, mid-tempo vlog music is key. Morning routine? Check. Afternoon care routine? Check? Dinner reservation at 6PM? Check. Routine vloggers are carefree and relatable. Despite it all, they keep their cool and are always intentional. If you’re a vlogger, insert playful or R&B songs to keep your viewer focused as you carry out your daily tasks.


Suggested Song: Jon Presstone – How I Wonder

Suggested Genres: Love, Kids & Family 

If your content is focused on parenthood, vlog music that feels loving or chill will incite those same tender feelings. Your content is reaffirming and lovingly so. It’s important to give your viewers that “aw” feeling that comes with being a parent. Have vlog music that captures the essence of being a parent – like they’re also watching your kids grow up.


Suggested Song: Enzo Orefice – Slow City 

Suggested Genres: R&B, Chill Out 

Studying can be a headache, but watching a vlog with lo-fi vlog music can help create a calm, chill vibe. Study vlogs provide a study buddy on the screen for those at home and make studying seem less daunting. If you’re creating study vlog content for others, make your viewer relaxed and supported by choosing lower tempo vlog music.

Discover even more vlog background music

The right vlog background music can instantly elevate your videos. If you’re a video creator or are interested in getting into the vlogging space, you’ll want a large library of royalty free vlog music to source from. Creators choose Storyblocks because of our large royalty-free music library that covers a wide variety of genres for any video to tell your story. Check out our plan options to get started today.