Top 15 tracks of outro and intro music for YouTube

Grab your audience’s attention with these top 15 music tracks that are perfect for your YouTube channel’s intro or outro.

Music and theme songs are powerful ways to brand media and hook audiences. Think of your favorite TV show and how you can probably recite the theme song by heart. That’s why when it comes to branding your YouTube channel, using intro music and outro music is a great way to set yourself apart. We’ve picked the top 15 royalty free music tracks from our library that you can use for intro music for YouTube.

When you add intro music and outro music to your videos, you can easily set the tone or mood for your YouTube channel while grabbing the attention of your viewers. Whether you choose to use two different songs or the same song for both, your audience will come to associate the music you choose with the content you make. But when it comes to actually choosing your intro music, there’s a few different elements to consider.

How to choose intro music for YouTube

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The first thing to consider when you’re choosing your intro music for your YouTube channel is what your objectives are. Are you creating lighthearted comedy videos? Or are you making in-depth tutorials? The kind of videos you create should inform the type of music that you choose for your intro or outro. For example, if you’re making videos that cover breaking news updates, you’ll want to choose music that’s more serious and conveys a sense of urgency. 

Regardless of the type of intro music you choose, we recommend staying with tracks that are more upbeat and energetic. Uptempo music will grab the attention of your audience and get them excited to watch your video. Though there are some exceptions to that rule, including if you do ASMR videos or make videos about more serious topics. In those cases, lower tempo or slower music may work better to brand your channel. Ultimately, the intro music for YouTube that you choose should complement your video content and brand.

Top 15 intro music and outro music tracks

1. “Walking Through Downtown”

Happy – Playful – Rock

Download Walking Through Downtown

2. “Hip Hop Promo”

Hip Hop – Chill Out

Download Hip Hop Promo

3. “Energy Intro”

Inspiring – Blues – Rock

Download Energy Intro

4. “Driving Stomp Percussion”

World – Happy

Download Driving Stomp Percussion

5. “Southern Folk Rock Intro”

Rock – Blues – Country

Download Southern Folk Rock Intro

6. “Garden View” 

Inspiring – Playful – Relaxing

Download Garden View

7. “Downtown Funk”

Pop – Electronic – Happy

Download Downtown Funk

8. “Vintage Funky Intro”

Hip Hop – Chill Out – Playful

Download Vintage Funky Intro

9. “Future Bass Advert Promo”

Epic – Pop – Inspiring

Download Future Bass Advert Promo

10. “Liquid Night Crystals” 

Hip Hop – Dark – Electronic

Download Liquid Night Crystals

11. “Smooth Chillhop Vibe”

Inspiring – Ambient – R&B

Download Smooth Chillhop Vibe

12. “Dinner Party Orchestra”

Classical – Relaxing – World

Download Dinner Party Orchestra

13. “Daily News” 

Inspiring – Corporate – Serious

Download Daily News

14. “Beast Mode Activated”

Epic – Pop – Hip Hop

Download Beast Mode Activated

15. “Ladder to the Sun”

Happy – Inspiring – Playful

Download Ladder to the Sun

Explore even more royalty free music

The final piece of advice we’ll give you is that best practice says your intro for your video should only be five to ten seconds long. Whichever track you choose for your intro music for YouTube, you’ll only be using a small section of it. If you don’t find your perfect tracks in our selection of tracks above, you can find lots more music in our audio library. With a Storyblocks subscription, you can access all of the royalty free stock audio, footage, templates, and more for an affordable price.

Editor’s Note: We updated this post to include additional information. It was originally published on May 15, 2019.