Templates for YouTube Intros + Outros

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These templates are perfect for YouTube intros, outros, and video sequences that will instantly up your channel's production value.

Business & Startup Flat Icons

After Effects CS5 Template: Bracket Titles

After Effects CS4 Template: Shapeshifter Logo

Apple Motion Template: Flag Typography

Apple Motion Template: Circle Title

After Effects CS5 Template: Side Slider

After Effects CS5 Template: Journey Intro

25 Business Infographic Elements

Fashionable Intro

After Effects CS4 Template: Drama Cast Trailer

Clean Logo Reveal Champ

Modern Glitch Titles

After Effects CC Template: Fan Out

After Effects CS5 Template: Parallaxin

Minimal Titles

30 Line Infographic Elements

Clean Intro Logo Reveal

After Effects CS5 Template: Club Opener

AE Template: Charts Graphs and Graphics

AE CS4 Template: Bokeh Reveal

AE CS4 Template: Logo Pieces

AE CS4 Template: Logo Impact

AE CS5 Template: Apocalypse

After Effects CS4 Template: Corporate Portfolio

After Effects CS4 Template: Royal Particles Photo Album

After Effects CS4 Template: Spiral Logo

AE Template: Progress and Growth

After Effects CS5 Template: Photo Turn

After Effects CS4 Template: Photos Logo

Apple Motion 5 Template: Vintage Text

Apple Motion 5 Template: Flower Title

Apple Motion 5 Template: Circle Title

After Effects CS4 Template: Flat Circles Logo

After Effects CS5 Template: Bounce Titles


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