5 of the Best Mobile Video Editing Platforms

It wasn’t long ago that editing a video on a mobile device was a distant vision. Screens were too small and dim and devices we’re fast enough to be used for any level of editing, let alone professional. 

All of that is different today. Many of the most popular tablets are just as powerful as laptops, and even a mid-range smartphone is powerful enough to handle HD video. So, if you want to take your edit on the go, which app should you choose?

In this round-up, we’ll look at some of the best mobile video editing apps on the market.

How I Choose the Top Mobile Editing Platforms

Before I dive into my favorite apps, let’s look at the key features considered.

  • Mobile continuity – It’s best if your mobile app can pick up your project where you left off on your desktop and continue editing on-the-go. While some platforms stand on their own, the very best tools help you sync projects to the cloud or your mobile device.
  • Low cost – No matter your situation, lower-cost options are typically preferred. Freelancers are always experimenting with new tools, and it’s preferable if there isn’t a big cost investment upfront.
  • Full-featured – A mobile editing app must be just as stacked as the desktop version. If a mobile editor lacks a bunch of critical features, it will be pretty hard to convince yourself to ever use it. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

The best mobile video editing apps share an interface and user experience no matter which device you’re working on. Instead of learning an entirely new app, you can start editing on mobile just like you would on desktop.

Adobe Premiere Rush - Mobile Editing

That’s what makes Adobe Premiere Rush really shine. You can use it on desktop and your mobile device, and your edit syncs between devices so that you can pick up right where you left off.

Rush removes the sting of learning an entirely new app for when you want to edit on mobile. Not only is it similar to its desktop counterpart, but it also includes all the standard features of the top non-linear editing systems on any platform.


Long favored on macOS, iMovie has a formidable mobile app that works very well on iOS. Whether you use an iPad or iPhone to edit your video, the mobile version of Apple’s editing program means that you can continue projects on-the-go.

iMovie Mobile Editing

The iMovie app interface feels familiar and is simple enough to quickly assemble or finish your project.

KineMaster Pro

For Android users, KineMaster Pro is an incredible tool for editing videos on your mobile device. It has an intuitive interface to navigate, and it’s simple to produce a video from scratch.

KineMaster Pro Mobile Editing
Source: CNET

While KineMaster Pro doesn’t offer a desktop version, the mobile app is comprehensive enough that it warrants consideration. While KineMaster is an excellent option for Android users, it also works with iOS. 

Apple Clips

A fairly basic editing tool, Clips is the key to a fast and efficient edit on iOS devices. While this is an iOS-only tool, it’s worth checking out. Simplicity is the key here. You can easily chain together your clips, then add text, graphics, and transitions. 

Apple Clips Mobile Editing

If you prefer to capture footage on your mobile device, Clips is worth consideration. It’s the simplest tool in this round-up, but that’s precisely why it’s worth inclusion. If you capture your footage on iOS devices and don’t want to copy it to a desktop, this is a great choice.


LumaFusion is also currently available for iOS-only, but it makes the cut in our selection because it’s so powerful. I’ve personally used this tool to produce a video while on-the-go. When you want to get professional results without tethering yourself to a computer, LumaFusion is a tool to consider.

LumaFusion Mobile Editing
Source: StudioDaily

LumaFusion doesn’t feel like an app where the mobile version was shoehorned into the mobile product roadmap. It’s a “mobile-first” experience, which is sure to increase in popularity as mobile devices take center stage. Consider it if you prefer iOS as your primary platform of choice.

Wrapping Up

More than ever, our mobile devices are our primary devices. Mobile video editing apps have advanced so steadily that your experience should feel the same no matter what device you’re using. Keep the apps mentioned in this round-up in mind when you want to continue your work no matter where you are.

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