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Hands of millennial Caucasian boy writing in workbook. Close-up of male palm with pen. Diligent college student doing homework. Education, studying, learning, lifestyle.

student reading book in school library

Girl sitting in the restaurant and writing something in journal

Absorbed man reading interesting book in the cafe and covers his face with it

Young student focused on laptop and workbook. Portrait of engaged brunette boy studying online. E-learning, education, intelligence.

Young college students studying in a diverse classroom, writing notes and looking at the blackboard

Male college students in library smiles at camera 4k

African American man writing close-up. Teenager making notes, studying, doing homework. Home education concept.

Focused young woman reading book in the university library and contemplating

High school teenage students at the desk

Young Asian student reading a book in university library

Male professor sketching on a whiteboard to explain the topic. Many attentive university students listening to a lecturer in a classroom.

Happy girlfriends doing homework in park

Education learning knowledge skills values beliefs and habits

Student reading book while staying at home

Girl kid making video call with laptop at home, using camera zoom online virtual class, social distancing, learning remotely at school during covid coronavirus lockdown

Close-up female hands holding and reading a book Holy Bible in public library. Theologian studies the history of the World. Search for truth.

Young Mayan Child Learning in School

Focused Asian student studying at the table. Young college student writing indoors. Learning, lifestyle, education concept.

Medical students conversing in hospital corridor

Students studying in a cafe

victorian woman checks watch and reads bible

Students at a university or college write a lecture on a laptop. Graduate at the Institute

Close up of a man's hand scanning a book while he reads in a library or office situation

Businesswoman analyzing growth charts at desk. Home office work. Market research concept. Analyzing market data.

Rack focused shot of group of healthcare specialists sitting at desk and writing down in notebooks while taking a test during medical training course

Focused woman studying remotely at home: online lesson, seminar, note-taking

Student finishing homework on laptop

Focused young person watching educational webinar.

Diverse group of students engaged in lecture at university

Students' hands with books writing to notebooks

Overhead Shot Of High School Pupils In Group Study Around Table

Fatigued and overwhelmed student studying in library

Close-up of a man taking notes in an office

Young woman reading book in cozy living room, turning page, learning, studying, education, stay home concept.

Close-up of Asian college student studying at home. Young student reading and writing indoors. Studying, education, intelligence.

Young woman studying the Bible on a desk

people, education and learning concept - woman or student girl with laptop computer writing to notebook at home at night

Old Russian Vintage Book Being Held and Looked Through

Male hand flipping through the pages of a book, closeup view

Caucasian student man reading book, sitting among stack of books on library floor, side view.

High school teenage students at the desk

Selective focus on a book female student is reading at the library

Four students studying in cafe

Top view of young woman writing in diary and listening to music

famale student reading book in library

Dedicated young woman studying remotely.

High school teenage students at the desk