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Focused elementary age children sitting at desks and listening to female teacher during art lesson in junior school. Diverse smart schoolkids hurrying to raise hands and answer teacher's question

Aerial view schoolchild walking on sport ground in school yard

High School Hallway - close up of feet as students enter

Cheerful girl hugging books posing with backpack near school building outdoor, smiling to camera. Modern education, college tuition and

teacher teaches in the classroom

Pupils Writing Answer To Maths Problem On Board Shot On R3D

Two boys writing while sitting on their desk at school

Teenage Students Sitting Examination With Teacher Invigilating

Back view of preadolescent boys classmates with school bags walking to school for lessons in the morning. Eementary school students near school building on the background

Dolly Shot Of High School Students Walking In Hallway

High school teenage students at the desk

Rear view of multi-ethnic secondary school pupils with backpacks walking to school building for lessons. Group of multiracial teenage schoolkids outdoor on the way to high school

Steadicam Shot walking through high School Hallway

Close-up of African American hand writing in workbook with pencil. Unrecognizable junior high student handwriting at desk in classroom. Education and diligence concept.

Happy schoolchildren rushing to start lessons in the morning

5th grade schoolkids answer questions in class, shot on R3D

Enthusiastic student creating art in elementary school

High school teenage students at the desk

KOSGODA, SRI LANKA - MARCH 2014: School girls visiting Kosgoda turtle hatchery. The conservation protect aims to educate children on nature and environment.

Empty rural classroom with writing desks and chairs

Crane shot of smiling teacher asking questions to kids in school class. Clever schoolchildren raising hands at lesson in classroom. Mixed race pupils answering questions of schoolteacher at school

5th grade math class watches teacher, back view, shot on R3D

Engaged student actively participating in classroom discussion at school

Unrecognizable teenage students in high school hall.

Students Taking Test in Class

Frustrated teen girl trying and failing to prepare homework for school

Child working on math homework using graph paper

Students Walking Into School

Asian child reading calculating and writing to do homework at home.

Laughing caucasian bullies scoffing asian schoolgirl standing with cellphone by school locker. Insolent teenagers pointing fingers and laughing offensively at chinese senior school student

Group Of College Students Walking Through College Corridor

Young Girl Writing with Pencil in Exercise Book

Adorable student walking to school with backpack and headphones

Group of elementary school kids running in a school corridor

Group Of High School Students Walking Along Hallway

Back view of group of teenage classmates standing in school corridor looking out the window. Five adolescent Caucasian boys and girls talking during break indoors. Education and lifestyle.

teacher teaches in the classroom

Closeup dolly footage of many open textbooks.

Schoolboy puts a tablet computer in a backpack. Back to School.

Dedicated teacher guiding students in classroom. Engaged pupils taking digital tests at elementary school. Students using tablets for educational lesson.

Female teacher in class near the map of the world communicates with students, asks questions and explains.

Shot Of A School Hallway With Metal Lockers

School kids answering questions in class, shot on R3D

Group of college students walking outdoors

Medium footage of high-school students working on laptops typing on keyboards under male teacher supervision sitting in modern bright classroom

Rack Focus Of Empty Elementary School Classroom

Empty Students Desks in a School in Africa

KIEV, UKRAINE, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012: The first lesson in the new gymnasium for gifted children in Kiev, Ukraine, September 1, 2012