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Sad teenager girl looking outside through the window in the rainy day.


Sad Child Upset Little Girl Emotionally Unhappy

Sad teenager girl looking outside through the window in the rainy day.


Upset Child Sad Small Girl Crossing Arms Unhappy Kid

African American girl sitting on floor in classroom and hiding her face while her classmates throwing paper balls into her. Concept of school bullying


Sad Depressed Little Boy Staring At Street From Second Floor Wanting To Go Outside Bored Child With Nothing To Do Leaning On Window At Home

Child's Dream: Friendship and Loneliness. Little boy embraces teddy bear, gazes out window, waits for parents. Toddler sits by window sill, staying at home.

Back view of a child sitting alone on the stairs in the entrance hall

Video of sad caucasian schoolboy being taunted by two diverse children at school

man with two options character

Adult male expressing grief, sadness and loss

Close Up Portrait of a Little Male Toddler Crying and Screaming at Home. Angry and Frustrated Baby Throwing a Tantrum, Being Upset and Sad, Expressing his Emotions Loudly


Sad Depressed Child Sitting By Window In The Dark Gloomy Moody Melancholic Little Boy Close Up Face By Window Indoors

Side view of mixed-race schoolgirl sitting alone on the floor in corridor at school 4k

Boy sitting on the stairs at the entrance hall. Being offended he wants to sit alone

Mom screams and scolds her son in the room on the blue sofa. Irritated woman teaches a lesson to a teenager. The boy has a difficult adolescence. Child abuse in the family

Side view of Asian schoolboy with head down sitting alone on the floor in corridor at school 4k


Sad Bored Child Sitting By Window Looking Out With Pensive Contemplative Expression In Monochromatic Black And White


Bored Toddler Child Lying On Floor Feeling Boredom

Lonely girl with teddy bear, childhood struggles.

Father Disciplines Daughter for Misbehavior

Young boy exploring the city by subway, happily observing through the window

Kids and boredom. Close up of boring little preteen girl having nothing to do, tapping fingers, leaning on desk at home

Concerned mother watching her adorable baby crawl on the carpet. Dolly shot.

Lonely girl with teddy bear on a road. Childhood. Education. Problem. Sad girl and her teddy bear. Sad girl feels lonely.

Boy inside the car and rain


Tired Little Boy Crying On Floor Having Tantrum

Front view of a somber young girl indoors, mental health concept.


Sad Pensive Child Looking Out From Home Window With Thoughtful Bored Expression Close Up Little Boy Confined At Residence

Side view of Caucasian schoolboy covering his face with hands while leaning on wall in corridor 4k

Portrait of upset Caucasian schoolboy raising head and sighing. Sad boy having to go to school to study. Child unwilling to learn. Education and lifestyle.


Thoughtful Child Staring At Train Window Feeling Sadness Pensive Passenger Boy Traveling In Modern Transportation During Gray Moody Day

Caring mother checks sick child's temperature at home. Concept of health, illness, common cold, treatment

Portrait of upset girl in living room with boys laughing and pointing. Unhappy sister and friends mocking. Childhood challenges.

Portrait of a young woman with a pregnancy test. Unexpected pregnancy. Positive result. A young girl faces challenges. Challenging situation.

Child Expression In Cafeteria Waiting For Food To Arrive

Somber look of child sitting by train window looking out at view with sad depressed expression in monochromatic, black and white

Quarantine: Child and Teddy Bear by Window, Bored during Pandemic

Troubled Young Woman: Emotions and Feelings

Young man enjoying a swing in a park

The young person is feeling very down

Serious Hispanic Young Boy Portrait Face Staring At Camera


Upset Little Boy Lying On Floor At Home Angry Sad Child

Tearful Child Crying After Getting Hurt One Little Boy Cries Upset Small Kid Portrait Face Closeup

Portrait of pretty little girl in a striped dress in park. Very serious, sad, little girl. Summer, vacation, happy childhood concept


Upset Small Boy Crying On Floor

Young Boy Expressing Disapproval on Green Screen

Melancholic little girl staring at view from bus seat, close-up face of contemplative child daydreaming, sad depressed expression