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Sad Boy Sitting on Sofa in the Living Room

Sad boy looking outside the window

Sad boy looking at camera with head down

Sad frustrated Middle Eastern boy sitting on carpet at home thinking. Portrait of lonely depressed bullied child alone indoors. Childhood problems and depression concept.

Small Child Covering Face Feeling Despair One Small Boy Sitting In Dark Hallway Corridor At Home Suffering Alone In Crisis


Sad Small Boy Covering Face With Hand Feeling Sad And Depressed

Back view of upset schoolboy standing in front of school and shaking head gesturing no. Sad Caucasian boy not willing to learn. Education and intelligence.

Side view of sad Caucasian boy with backpack standing on stairs in city park and thinking. Unhappy male college student spending autumn day outdoors. Loneliness, sadness, depression, lifestyle.

Child's Dream: Friendship and Loneliness. Little boy embraces teddy bear, gazes out window, waits for parents. Toddler sits by window sill, staying at home.

Cinematic shot of young boy looking out of foggy car window during evening ride.


One Tearful Cyclist Child Covering Face Feeling Sad Small Boy Wearing Helmet On Bike Outside Crying

Video of sad caucasian boy sitting at school corridor, covering head with hands

Bad Grades For Hispanic Male Student Sad Boy In Class

Upset child looking at candle. Sad boy beside Christmas candles. Feeling sad on Christmas night. Christmas midnight at home.

sad upset boy sitting with his head bowed

Group of aggressive teenagers mocking nerd sad boy in high school corridor. Teenage Caucasian boys and girls laughing at bullied stressed classmate. Adolescence aggression concept.

Portrait of a young boy expressing emotions


Sad Child Tearful Expression Preoccupied Kid Fearful Small Boy

Portrait of an upset young child. Emotional distress in children.


Young Boy Standing By Window During Cold Rainy Day Wanting To Go Outside


Boy Looking Sad On Outdoors At Park As People Walk By


Thoughtful Child Staring At Train Window Feeling Sadness Pensive Passenger Boy Traveling In Modern Transportation During Gray Moody Day

Sad and depressed boy at computer keyboard with cell phone 4k


Sad Depressed Child Boy With Tearful Emotion Closeup Face

Sad african american boy wearing face mask sitting on stairs outdoors on a sunny day

Exhausted overwhelmed schoolboy sitting at tree on the left thinking. Side view wide shot portrait of sad tired Caucasian boy with backpack on school backyard outdoors.


Portrait Of A Bored Child With Hands In Chin One Sad Pensive Small Boy Lost In Thought Close Up Face Kid Daydreaming With Depressed Expression

Caring for a sick preschooler at home

Sad african american boy wearing face mask sitting on stairs outdoors on a sunny day

Portrait of sad bullied Caucasian boy looking at camera as classmates laughing at the background. Hopeless high school student and mocking friends. Disrespect and adolescence concept.

Relaxed teenager silhouette going upstairs alone on bright light. Unrecognizable teen student walking modern empty stairway after classes. Lonely schoolboy wandering in school building back view.


One Depressed Child Sitting In The Dark Lonely Little Boy On Floor Beside Window Silhouette Of Sad Bullied Kid

Sad african american boy sitting on floor and crying, in slow motion


Sad Child Suffering From Childhood Depression At Home Psychological Trauma Concept One Small Boy Covering Face In Crisis

Video of sad caucasian boy sitting at school corridor, covering head with hands

Portrait of sad boy learning online at home. Closeup weary child using laptop computer sitting at table in living room. School kid typing on computer keyboard during online education

Portrait of upset Caucasian schoolboy raising head and sighing. Sad boy having to go to school to study. Child unwilling to learn. Education and lifestyle.

Sad child silhouette on stairs at night. Boy waits on steps while parents quarrel in cottage house. Kid sits alone on staircase steps of


Candid Tearful Small Boy Listening To Mother Scold Him For Misbehaving Closeup Sad Child Face Learning Lesson Parent Education Concept Kid Head Nod Child Nodding


Sad Child Suffering From Depression Sitting Alone In Corridor Feeling Loneliness Scared Fearful Small Boy Covering Face In Silhouette At Home

Boy's Emotional Moment with Christmas Candle

Close-up shot of a teenager with sadness in the eyes. Boy leaning onto the balcony handrail and looking at the city scene

Video of sad african american boy looking outside window

Unsatisfied boy with crossed hands standing on the left as blurred parents yelling scolding kid at background. Portrait of sad annoyed Caucasian son with angry father and mother at home.

Close-up of sad charming Middle Eastern kid sitting indoors with blurred angry brother arguing at background gesturing and pointing at smartphone. Headshot of upset boy scolded by sibling.

Sad boy in Headphones by the Window


Child With Regretful Emotion Closeup Kid Face Feeling Preoccupied

Lonely schoolboy feeling down after bullying