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Sad woman sits on the windowsill looks out the window frustration sickness hopeless loneliness depression alone beautiful home bed lonely gown comfortable close up slow motion

Loneliness. Close up of bearded man feeling lonely while sitting on the floor and drinking alcohol

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky

Portrait of stressed man at home. Problems in the relationships. Betrayal, mistrust, breakup concept. The man in depression. Restless man having problems in personal life suffers break up.

Silhouette of woman sad sitting on the windowsill and looking out the window

Scared teen girl with in dark

Sad man looking at the rain in the car

Worried man relaxing at home 4k

Worried man sitting at the table in his apartment

Unhappy sad male with depression and mental health issues and post traumatic stress disorder

Depressed young caucasian man worrying about difficult decision.

Upset businessman finding mistakes in documents in office. Close up frustrated worker looking at laptop computer at home office. Sad business man reading finance report at notebook indoors

Hopeless adult woman thinking about her problems

Sad guy by the river at sunset

Stressed Caucasian boy holding head in hands as sitting in front of laptop. Side view portrait of depressed college student having studying difficulties or personal problems. Lifestyle, stress.

Silhouette of sad woman sitting on the sill and looking out the window

Worried woman suffering with depression

Side view of disappointed and tired sportsman wiping face and leaning on wall in semilit locker room

Businessman sad with hand in face

Close-up of desperate young man complaining as blurred middle aged guy supporting talking at background. Side view of handsome Caucasian son sharing problems with wise father. Support concept.

Depressed adult businessman feeling sad after being fired

Back view of young tourist sitting on the rock and looking on the glaciers in ice lagoon. Man exploring Iceland alone.

Woman with headache sitting on the chair massaging temples. Stressed tired unhappy worried unwell wife suffering of migraine, depression, disease and anxiety feeling exhausted with dizziness symptoms

Sad, desperate woman walking by window at home at night, super slow motion

A close up shot of a woman reading from her smartphone and crying while watching the rain throuth the window

Silhouette of depressed woman sitting on the sill and looking out the window

Anxious millennial arabic indian ethnicity woman thinking of difficulties.

Depressed Man at Window (2 of 9)

Close up of a depressed woman thinking about her problems

Disappointed female instructor feeling upset in fitness club. Closeup unhappy girl sitting in fitness gym. Portrait of exhausted woman feeling sad in sport club.

Depressive face of homeless

Asian troubled man wearing a hood in an empty room

Stressed young Caucasian woman sitting in kitchen in the morning. Brunette girl thinking at home. Lifestyle, depression, loneliness concept.

Sad man behind glass of car in rain, close up

Depressed african woman lying on bed embraces pillow feels unhappy

Closeup worried business man feeling stressed at vehicle. Portrait of puzzled african businessman looking away at car window. Sad african man sitting at backseat at car.

Side view of sad Caucasian boy with backpack standing on stairs in city park and thinking. Unhappy male college student spending autumn day outdoors. Loneliness, sadness, depression, lifestyle.

Depressed mature woman sitting in bed

Depressed Man with Head on Table

Woman Sitting On Sofa Comforting Senior Man Suffering With Mental Health Issues At Home

Lonely man at seaside in sunset time

Serious guy thinking about something while standing on the balcony at sunset

Sad woman sitting on armchair

Frustrated young african ethnicity woman feeling depressed,

Depressed Hispanic Girl With Sad Emotions And Feelings

Disappointed businessman in office. Worried business man with hands on face. Close up of business man thinking about business problem in home workplace. Portrait of upset business owner

Sad, unhappy man sitting on bed close to the window during night

Unhappy woman sitting at home and looking thoughtful