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Close-up mayan statues in exhibition of pre columbian cultures


golden altar with candles at night

Close up of rituals and worship of the gods. Indian culture

The man stand near the Islam symbol against the background of cloud. Real time capture

old greek temple ruins at sunset

Neptune Statue, Piazza Della Signoria, Florence, Italy

Hindu people making Puja to pray for God at Murugan Temple

Praying man at sunset, close up

Pharaoh on throne, animation, Alpha channel

Jesus Christ with hand raised for blessing. Statue of Jesus of Nazareth and heaven. Cinema 4K Timelapse


Religious woman praying with closed eyes inside the christian orthodox church. Slow motion.

Ancient Statue on the Rocks Desert

A high angle shot showing an opened Quran with reading glasses on it, the shot is slowly moving down

Slow motion of statue of Murugan at Batu Caves, Malaysia. Hindu deity

Wooden statues of people (or idol) in an old European Celtic village of the early 20th century.

THAILAND, PATTAYA, APRIL 1, 2014: People on Pratumnak Hill near Big Golden Buddha statue in Pattaya, Thailand

Orthodox priest is cross oneself and prays in orthodox church

UKRAINE, KIEV, AUGUST 4, 2017: Krishna worshipper and two statues of deities in the Krishna temple, deity installation ceremony

Hindu people making Puja to pray for God at Murugan Temple

Soul Leaving Human Body | Version 2 | Spirit Ghost Levitating Out of a Human Body | Astral Projection | Remote Viewing | Out of Body Experience | Full HD 1920 X 1080

Ancient picture of Anubis God on the tomb of pharaoh from museum of Egyptian antiquities in Cairo

THAILAND, PATTAYA, MARCH 31, 2014: Golden statue on the street in Pattaya, Thailand. Phra Phrom or four-faced Buddha is Thai representation of Hindu god Brahma

Door Opens in a Dark Room and Bright Light fills the room | Slowly opening door fills the dark room with divine light | Blue 2

Big Golden Buddha statue on Pratumnak Hill in Pattaya, Thailand

crane down to a large tiki statue

Close up of the Gopuram of the Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore. A Dravidian style temple in Singapore's Chinatown, Singapore, South East Asia

THAILAND, PATTAYA, APRIL 1, 2014: Interior of buddhist temple on Pratumnak Hill near Big Golden Buddha statue in Pattaya, Thailand

Altar in the Catholic Church - cross and icon

Young people dancing in a disco. Fans at the concert of idol.


A slightly moving footage showing the front cover of a Quran

Anubis goes, Egypt, temple, animation

THAILAND, PATTAYA, MARCH 31, 2014: Bronze statue of Buddhist on Pratumnak Hill near Big Golden Buddha temple in Pattaya, Thailand

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints Temple, Salt Lake City by Drone

Reveal Shot of Church of Mother of God before Tyn - Prague - Czech Republic - 4K Drone Video


Man praying, reading Koran close-up, islamic religion. Religious holiday Ramadan, holy month. Muslim worship, male person making traditional prayer to God.

Bathing statuette of deities

THAILAND, BANGKOK, MARCH 30, 2014: Golden statue of Phra Phrom or four-faced Buddha is Thai representation of Hindu god Brahma, who is regarded in Thai culture as deity of good fortune and protection

black statue of Hindu God Ganesha in South Asian, India.

ancient woman bust at sand beach

Close-up of female hands folded in prayer holding rosary beads with crucifix while female believer praying at home, begging for mercy and forgiveness .

Pan up close up portrait of a young hipster man with a full beard looking up toward God or the sky in desperation seeking relief or answers. A real life emoticon in an outdoor setting with natural lighting and a unique expression.

Pilgrim in the Himalayas. In search God

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion

Footage of a person finishing his prayer in front of a mihrab, the prayer niche

Footage of a Muslim woman holding a pink Quran and praying on her tasbeeh, the prayer beads

Faithful monk in black robe with hands folded in prayer reading bible and praying in candle lights in rustic house. Catholic obedient priest praying for mercy and god bless indoors.

A closeup on reading Holy Bible dolly shot

Burning candles in the Indian temple. Diwali - the festival of lights.