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Bali Indonesia Kecak Fire Dance Ramayana Monkey Chant In Slow Motion 02 Tari

Close-up mayan statues in exhibition of pre columbian cultures

View of different gods sculptures made over ellora caves building walls


statues of faces at a Thai temple

ancient woman bust at sand beach

Wooden statues of people (or idol) in an old European Celtic village of the early 20th century.


Hopeful Woman Closing Eyes In Contemplation And Opening Eye To Sky With Hope


Christmas tree with coat of arms of Ukraine near Saint Sophia Cathedral or Sophia of Kiev, ancient historical monument of Kievan Rus. Today it is one of city best known landmarks

THAILAND, PATTAYA, MARCH 31, 2014: Golden statue on the street in Pattaya, Thailand. Phra Phrom or four-faced Buddha is Thai representation of Hindu god Brahma

Woman raised her hands to heaven in worship to God in church. Folded hands in prayer.


Buddha Image or Buddha Statue at the hall oh Pha That Luang, Golden Stupa Vientiane, Laos

Believing woman with her eyes closed asking for forgiveness and peace. Stock clip. Feeling unity with nature.

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is one of the most visited places, Jerusalem, Israel - 5 may 2021

Saint Petersburg, Russia - July 05, 2021: Beautiful Interiors of Saint Isaac's Cathedral in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia

Skull covered in smoke on a dark background.

THAILAND, BANGKOK, MARCH 30, 2014: Golden statue of Phra Phrom or four-faced Buddha is Thai representation of Hindu god Brahma, who is regarded in Thai culture as deity of good fortune and protection

African Man Seeking God Help Person Looking At Sky Wanting Faith And Hope

Neptune Statue, Piazza Della Signoria, Florence, Italy

Hindu people making Puja to pray for God at Murugan Temple

Lisbon, Portugal: Christ the King Statue (Cristo Rei) against a blue sky with clouds at dusk, time lapse 4k


Om, Om namah shivay, Hinduism om symbol on black background. Full HD. 4K

Mature Senior Woman Praying To God At Home An Older Latin Person Having Hope And Faith

Woman with cross on sightseeing tour in cathedral church. Close-up female hand holding religious symbol.


Child Boy Opening And Closing Eyes In Contemplation And Meditation

aerial vulcanic desert landscape with rays of light

Ancient picture of Anubis God on the tomb of pharaoh from museum of Egyptian antiquities in Cairo

Bright sun beams rays showing behind big white cloud on blue sky background

Golden Light from The Cross

Mechelen, Flanders, Belgium. August 2019. View of the great bell tower of the Cathedral of Malines.

Nazareth, December 24, 2018. Christmas mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation


Egyptian princess in desert moonlight, shawl moves in breeze

Slow motion of statue of Murugan at Batu Caves, Malaysia. Hindu deity

Slow Pan At Base Of Castle

Bright Sun Shining Through Oak Tree Transition From White


Portrait of Happy hopeful Hispanic Girl praying in park

crane down to a large tiki statue

UKRAINE, KIEV, AUGUST 4, 2017: Krishna worshipper and two statues of deities in the Krishna temple, deity installation ceremony

Clouds swirls in the sky

Beautiful aroma smoke near the figurine. uddha Figure On Wooden Tea Board Chaban With An Aroma Smoke. Macro Close Up Of Burning Incense


Dark storm clouds moving and the hole with a piece of blue sky, timelapse 4k

Faithful Female Person Doing Religious Spiritual Pray Ritual

Youth dancing at a lively event. Enthusiastic fans at an idol concert.

Praying man at sunset, close up

Woman works with laptop. Emotional reaction wow oh my god. Surprised female winner reacts to lottery victory looking at screen in tropical

A Black Woman Praying To God Seeking Help 2

Back Of A Casual Pensive Young Hispanic Man Walking In Street

Stained glass window of King Saint Stephen

Senior Man Raising Head looking at Sky With Hope And Faith