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Senior Male Patient Being Wheeled Along Hospital Corridor

An ambulance speeds down the road in a street in a city at night

ambulance lights

ICU patient with ECG monitor and IABC

ECG Monitoring In Operation Room

Man Measures The Pressure On The Arm. Blood Pressure.

Shot of Emergency room

High angle dolly shot of ER nurses and female doctor pushing gurney along hospital corridor and administering oxygen and IV fluids to elderly patient

Healthcare Workers Aid People At Covid 19 Test Site

Following dolly shot of female doctor giving instructions to multi-ethnic group of nurses pushing gurney and administering oxygen and IV fluids to unresponsive elderly patient while rushing him to ER

Patients monitor ekg

Pan left view of adult man with pulse oximeter breathing oxygen from life support machine while lying on bed in ward of clinic

Woman patient on stretcher in a hospital's hallway.

Dolly shot of group of multi-ethnic nurses pushing gurney with unresponsive patient along hospital corridor and listening to female doctor with clipboard giving instructions

Ambulance With Lights Driving Down Street

Surgeons looking down at patient getting ready for urgent surgery

Slowmo tracking of paramedics in uniform loading unconscious patient lying on stretcher into ambulance

Police Car Light Blur

Zoom in view of medical practitioners pumping oxygen into lungs of aged patient in coronavirus ward

Red flashing light warns of danger or hazard

Operating room

IV drips with vitals monitor in background during robotic hysterectomy surgery

Medical assistant doing consultation with ill patient, wearing face masks in hospital ward. Nurse discussing with young woman about healthcare treatment and taking notes during pandemic

Low angle shot of surgical care practitioners operating on unconscious patient in sterile room with lights above head

Zoom in shot of team of surgical care practitioners performing procedure and suturing wound of unconscious patient in operating theatre

Driving Up To Emergency Room At Hospital

Drip with monitor and patient

Dolly shot of male and female nurses in scrubs talking and pushing gurney with patient along hospital corridor

Medical Team Performing Surgical Operation in Bright Modern Operating Room.

View of rear doors and flashing lights of emergency service ambulance moving away from accident scene at nighttime.

Monitoring in operation room

Medical Team Performing Surgical Operation in Bright Modern Operating Room.

Nurse attends to a young female patient, plumping up her pillow after putting dropper

Close-up of unrecognizable patient hand with drip lying on operating table under narcosis in bright spacious operating room

Handheld low angle shot of male and female EMTs putting diagnostic equipment on unconscious patient lying on stretcher inside moving ambulance

Doctors hands in white coat pumping oxygen mask for a man. Close up.

out of focus ambulance lights blinking

Medical Team Working On Patient In Emergency Room

African american specialist examining injury of little kid in cabinet. General practitioner doing consultation on small girl with fractured arm in pain, giving assistance and medical support.

patient's hand on the operating table

FDNY Firefighters prepare truck and hoses at site of emergency, Brooklyn NYC

Intravenous drip in operation room

Heart attack cardiogram

Medical workers moving patient on gurney through hospital corridor

Hospital surgical team performing surgery in operating room

Accident of a male worker at the construction site. An unrecognizable man helping his injured colleague. Close up.

IV drip in operation room with surgeons on background

Patient with Intravenous IV Drip in Hospital Ward