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This is an emergency

A closeup view of someone dialing 9-1-1 on their cellphone. 911 emergency services in America became a hot topic during the Defund the Police movement of 2020.

A close up of a phone and a hand calling the emergency number 911

Soft Focus Police Lights Flashing With Night Traffic

A man picks up the receiver and pushes the buttons on a 1980s era telephone. He dials 911. He returns the handset to the phone base.

Emergency Vehicles at Night

A close up 4K footage of a person dialing 911 on a silver phone

Car Accident at Night

Police lights at accident at night

Elderly senior black woman in her 50s or 60s dialing 911 emergency on a cordless landline phone and asking for help - OTS

Blue flashing emergency lights on ambulance car

dialing 911 from a home telephone


Police vehicles at end of July 4th parade Fairborn 2019 4k

red blue lights police beacon on a black background

Dialing 911 on office phone 4k

A close up of a phone and a hand calling the emergency number 911

Department Of Homeland Security Officer Puts Up Crime Scene Tape

Police Faced With An Unlawful Assembly

Police Lights Out of Focus

Ambulance And Police At Night

Medium shot of female paramedic in glasses putting oxygen mask on unconscious patient lying on stretcher inside ambulance

Emergency Responers at Night

Truck crash drone shooting. Truck lies inverted in a ditch. Truck driver has an accident


TV news male presenter talking breaking news about terrorist attack


Ambulance with emergency driving quickly through downtown Detroit 4k


Police parked in downtown city center of Detroit Michigan 4k

Ambulance illuminated in the dark

Ambulance rushes by in downtown NYC 4k

Side of Police Car at Night

Emergency Crisis Critical Problem Map Pin 3 D Animation

Fire truck Different Views

Reflection in a puddle of a police siren red-blue light flashes. Flashes of red and blue light. Puddle of blood

Large Police Force Heavily Armed On Street

NEW YORK, USA - DECEMBER, 2017: FDNY ambulance - track in Manhattan - emergency lights

Stressed young blond woman checking pulse of body hit by car outdoors. Portrait of frustrated young Caucasian female driver and dead or injured victim on summer road. Over speeding concept.

Police directing traffic away from an accident

people watching a neighborhood crime

a couple is shocked by local police action

Crime Scene Police Car Lights Flashing

Law Enforcement Separate Antifa And Proud Boys

NEW YORK, USA - DECEMBER, 2017: FDNY ambulance - emergency wagon in Manhattan

Emergency dial 911 on rescue vehicle zoom out slow motion

Vital signs monitor during surgery

A mortally wounded patient is transported on a stretcher to the operating room

Police On The Scene At Night

Accident Scene Zoom In Low Angle

NEW YORK CITY, USA - DECEMBER 27, 2017: New York ambulance medical - emergency, Manhattan

Surgeons performing a surgery (14 of 15)