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Firefighters rescuing injured woman after accident. Slow motion.

Car crush and medical emergency

The night accident with hand and broken phone. Real time capture

Slim African American man with injured belly getting out crashed vehicle and calling to emergency service after road accident in countryside

A broken car on the road after an accident, smoke coming out from under the hood.

Zoom out view of wrecked vehicle emitting fume near trees after crash near road in countryside

Car Accident at Night

A person rushing to aid an injured individual after a car accident. Slow motion.

Slowmo tracking of paramedics in uniform loading unconscious patient lying on stretcher into ambulance

Cracked windshield window of a car after an accident. Move camera

Firefighters rescuing injured woman after accident. Close-up of collar support. Slow motion.

Accident Scene Zoom In Low Angle

Man in front of a broken car

Broken vehicle with burning motor emitting fume from under hood after crash into tree trunk in countryside

Vehicles are wrecked in a car accident on a city street.

Woman insurance agent inspects damage to a man car and makes notes on a smartphone. Woman inspecting broken car. Insurance concept.

The intensive care unit. The patient is transported on a stretcher to the surgery

Emergency Highway Response

Driving Up To Emergency Room At Hospital

Zoom in view of team of firefighters helping multiethnic parents and kids to get out damaged car after road accident in countryside

Couple Exiting Car After Accident Involving Elderly Driver

A broken car on the road after an accident, smoke coming out from under the hood.

Accident scene with police on street

A downed pedestrian lies on the pavement. The driver comes up and checks the pulse

Dangerous driving. Man driving a car on the road in sunny weather and loses control during the ride

Emergency Vehicles at Night

Woman and man dealing with car accident aftermath.

Car Crash Accident With First Responders Close Up

Soft Focus Police Lights Flashing With Night Traffic

Driver With Whiplash Injury Exiting Car After Road Accident

Rush Hour Car Accident

footage from front camera in a car

Zoomed-in footage of a mature individual observing firefighters extinguishing a vehicle fire following a car accident

In a forested area at night, search and rescue operations are underway with flash lights, emergency crews, and a drone aerial view

Man Talking on the Phone and Looking at the Car's Engine

The car accident on the parking lot

Two drivers argue about blame for accident by the side of damaged. Two male drivers argue over who is to blame for traffic accident. The concept of traffic.

Frustrated man making a phone call after a car accident, smoke in the background.

A breaking the glass of the car, vandalism.

Accident of a male worker at the construction site. An injured man sitting on the floor.

Tragic Car Accident 1

From above rescuers pulling injured teen survivor from rubble while working on remains of broken building after eartquake

Police Lights Out of Focus

Senior Male Driver Arguing Over Blame For Car Accident With A Younger Male Motorist

Car burns after a road accident. Accident, the car caught fire on the road. Slow motion

Loss Adjuster Inspecting Car Wreck Using Digital Tablet

Emergency crews at night time Accident Scene

Firefighter putting out burning car on side of street 4k