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Rear view of happy schoolchildren with backpacks hurrying to school in the morning. Little elementary school students running in crowd while rushing to start lessons

Focused elementary age children sitting at desks and listening to female teacher during art lesson in junior school. Diverse smart schoolkids hurrying to raise hands and answer teacher's question

Two boys writing while sitting on their desk at school

5th grade schoolkids answer questions in class, shot on R3D

Back view of preadolescent boys classmates with school bags walking to school for lessons in the morning. Eementary school students near school building on the background

Rack Focus Of Empty Elementary School Classroom

Asian woman teaching young kids in school, low angle view

Cute preadolescent schoolboy drawing with concentration during art lesson in elementary school. Focused mixed race primary school student enthusiastically creating picture in drawing lesson

Young elementary school kids boarding a school bus

Tilt Up Of Empty Elementary School Classroom Stock Video Footage

Clever little schoolchildren raising hands during drawing lesson in junior school. Diverse smart students wanting good grade eager to answer teacher's question while sitting at desks in classroom

Lined up diverse preadolescent pupils organizedly getting on big yellow school bus after lessons. Little schoolchildren with backpacks waiting their turn to enter school bus and go home

Shot Of Empty Elementary School Classroom

Group of kids with school bags crossing the road

Crane shot of smart schoolchildren having lesson at school. Male teacher helping kids at lesson at elementary school. Overhead view of multi ethnic pupils studying science in classroom

Pensive boy studying in classroom with classmates at elementary school. Portrait of male student boring during lesson. Thoughtful schoolboy holding hand on face. Male kid looking away in school class

Close-up portrait of cute preadolescent schoolgirl attentively listening to teacher while sitting at desk in classroom. Curious elementary age students engaged in interesting lesson at primary school

Female teacher teaching kids in the class

Portrait of cheerful girl sitting at desk at elementary school. Serious student posing at camera in classroom. Smart pupil writing in notebook at lesson. Cute child schooling in auditorium

Props on the desk in a classroom. Elementary school.

Group of kids raising their hands in the class at school

Teacher and kids use blocks in class, low angle shot on R3D

little Israeli caucasian teen gifted boy taking a test in an elementary school class. He tries to solve the exam and writing his answers on paper. Close up on his hands and the pen.

Schoolchildren running in the playground at a township school 4k

Cute elementary age boy in glasses raising hand and answering teacher's question during lesson at school. Smart primary school students wanting good grades and hurrying to raise hands in classroom

Female teacher talking to a boy in the class at school

Young school kids jumping down steps as they leave school

School Equipment Colorful Pencils 6


Little girl drawing her friends with chalks on blackboard wall indoors in playroom.

Cute schoolchildren standing in line waving hands while greeting school bus driver and entering transport to go home after studies. Elementary age kids waiting for school bus doors to open outdoors

Group of kids wearing face mask raising their hands in the class at school

Boy smiling in the school corridor

Teacher introduces story book to young pupils, elevated view

Cute preadolescent schoolboys enjoying freetime outdoors after school and having a good time together. Junior school students walking at schoolyard during break

School kids answering questions in class, shot on R3D

Female teacher in class near the map of the world communicates with students, asks questions and explains.

Group of 5th grade school kids running in a school corridor

Three elementary age schoolboys with backpacks walking along schoolyard before lessons. Other preadolescent pupils playing near school doors waiting outdoors for studies oto start

Elementary school kids at desks in class during a test

Elementary school kids raising hands to teacher, back view

Teacher reading kids a story in an elementary school class

Focused child studying in class at elementary school. Smart girl writing in notebook at lesson. Cute schoolgirl looking at blackboard. School student schooling in classroom

Props on the desk in a classroom. Elementary school.

Female Teacher with kids in biology class at elementary school conducting biology or botanical scientific experiment about sustainable Growing plants. Learning about plants in a glass ja

School Equipment Colorful Pencils 10

Teacher is writing letter of alphabet on blackboard with chalk. Education in elementary school concept.

4K : Asian students doing homework at home, Shift focus

School kids counting with fingers at an elementary school