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Diverse high school students walking through campus park before lessons, Asian student leading the way

Diverse Students Engaged in Classroom Learning at College

Students in auditorium - listening at conference or presentation, workshop, master class - notes and pens

Unrecognizable teenage students in high school hall.

Young college students studying in a diverse classroom, writing notes and looking at the blackboard


Cheerful students are talking and laughing standing outside with books

Female teacher and students in university lecture theatre

Students and teachers walk in foyer of a modern university, shot on R3D

Crane shot of smart schoolchildren having lesson at school. Male teacher helping kids at lesson at elementary school. Overhead view of multi ethnic pupils studying science in classroom

Students studying in a library with laptops and headphones.

Cheerful multinational high school students chatting while walking through campus park before classes. Positive multi-ethnic friends communicating while going along university park before lessons

High school teenage students at the desk

Teenage Students Sitting Examination With Teacher Invigilating

Students walk through the foyer of a modern university

School kids answering questions in class, shot on R3D

High School Hallway - close up of feet as students enter

Teenage school kids smiling to camera in school corridor

High school teenage students at the desk

education, graduation and people concept - group of international students in bachelor gowns holding diploma scrolls

Medium footage of high-school students working on laptops typing on keyboards under male teacher supervision sitting in modern bright classroom

Dedicated Korean teacher guiding students in classroom lesson. Education, elementary school, learning

Students studying with laptop and tablet on grass

Happy group of students going to college

Group Of Students In Library Collaborating On Project

High-angle shot of male mid-adult university professor drawing geometric figures on blackboard teaching students Maths in big auditorium

Female teacher and students in university lecture theatre

Slowmo close-up of upset Mixed-race school boy in eyeglasses holding his head while reading student book being bullied by classmates throwing crumpled paper at him

Students With Male Teacher In After School Computer Coding Class Learning To Program Robot Vehicle

Slowmo of kind mid adult male teacher talking to group of middle school students while sitting on desk in modern classroom during lesson

Group of students taking notes in the university lecture. Concentrated people studying intensively in the classroom.

Students walking through the foyer of a modern university, shot on R3D

Group of students sitting on staircase, celebrating together.

Cropped view of students writing in exercise books

Enthusiastic student creating art in elementary school

Back view of preadolescent boys classmates with school bags walking to school for lessons in the morning. Eementary school students near school building on the background

Teenage students on stairs in high school.

Young IT teacher discussing computer programming with diverse students

Lockdown rear view of group of middle school students walking along hallway wearing uniform and school backpacks chatting

Students concentrating in high school class

Three pupils working together in elementary school lesson

A slow motion mid-shot of a group of racially-diverse graduation students running over a hill, jumping into the air in triumph and throwing their mortarboards.

High school teenage students at the desk

Group of elementary school kids running in a school corridor

Students Taking Test in Class

Students sit facing camera in a modern university classroom, shot on R3D

Students speaking in high school class

Engaged student actively participating in classroom discussion at school