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The cards fly from one hand to the other. manipulation with a deck of cards. shuffle cards. The magician works with a deck of cards. Slow motion

Frustrated and upset business man is reading a document and clutching his head. Concept: unfavorable, dishonest deal, problems in business, falling stock prices

Shady deceitful deceptive businessman, insurance agent, or salesman giving paperwork contract or mortgage loan agreement to a naive woman consumer to sign in her home

Asian male pointing at himself and expressing rejection


Sad Unhappy Man Sitting On Floor Holding His Forehead While Having Mental Pain Depressed Person In Dark Corridor With Low Light Environment Dramatic Scene

Overconfident male worker in office

One Depressed Young Man Sitting On Floor Suffering From Mental Illness Covering Face With Regret Male Person Feeling Anxious And Depression

Portrait of a remorseful woman. Beautiful and apologetic, acknowledging mistakes.

An adult woman sitting in a cafe feel her trying to cheat. The expression on his face.

Close-up of a Magician's Hands Performing Card Trick


One Male Person Covering Face In Shame Sitting At Home Floor In The Dark During Crisis Person Suffering From Depression

A cute guy with dejected gaze shakes head in anticipation of explanation from girlfriend after cheating. A young businessman in a tense pose

The map rotates on the finger. manipulation with a deck of cards. The magician works with a deck of cards. Slow motion

Businessmen with money shake hands. Men in suits pass cash. Financial deal in capital city. Power has its price.


One Anxious Depressed Man In Despair Sitting At Home In The Dark Person Suffering From Mental Illness Alone In Corridor Feeling Shame And Regret

Professional Street Magician Performs Impressive Sleight of Hand Card Trick


Depressed Father Being Consoled By Son Sitting In Corridor In Silhouette Child Hugging Sad Parent During Crisis

Empty Talks Concept: Young Tired Individual Expressing Boredom with Fake News

Portrait of a Young Woman, Expressive Gestures, Neutral Studio Background

Handshake of men with dollars. Adult businessmen passing money. Financial deal on sunset background. Company found a new investor.

Officials divide the money. Take in children. Defenselessness.

Crime And Punishment Handcuffs And Police Concept

Close up of a wasp flying near the flower on bright sunset sky background. Creative. Insect flying by the field plant.

Corruption in the government. Officials steal money. Injustice.

Annoyed woman shows dissatisfaction with meaningless chatter

Cautious person adds sleep-inducing product to partner's drink during intimate date in home kitchen

Asian man wearing a bamboo hat while sneaking a woman with a red dress

Thief Gets Caught Stealing Packages

Empty Talks Concept: Young Woman Tired of Fake News, Expressing Disinterest

Lady makes blah blah gestures and rolls eyes up in annoyance

Ice melting transformation in aerial view of Deception Island in Antarctica. Images furnished by Nasa

Empty promises. Annoyed african american man showing bla bla bla gesture and grimacing over pink studio background

Boredom concept. Young woman with colorful hairstyle expressing boredom, free space

Annoyed oversize lady showing bla bla bla gesture and grimacing, looking at hand with irritation, red background

Officials divide the bread. Pensioner gets only crumbs. Poverty.

Studio portrait of boring indian man making blah blah gesture with his hand, expressing disbelief, brown background

Porch Pirate Stealing Packages

Classic Potato chips purchased from vending machine 4k

Empty Talks Concept: Young Woman in Eyeglasses and Panama Hat Demonstrates Gesture

Close-up of magician's hands showing card trick

Man wearing a ski face mask and suit and tie getting a woman to sign paperwork concept scam, shady deal, or corrupt business

Professional woman in her 30s signing contract and shaking hands with masked man

Asian man wearing a bamboo hat while sneaking a woman with a red dress

Studio portrait of sceptical bearded guy showing blah blah gesture, talking with his hand, expressing disbelief

The businessman takes out banknotes from a basin of water. Money laundering obtained illegally, corruption concept

4K Tearing Up Long Term Contract

Men divide the money. Cynical people. Larceny. Deprive children.

Sun Chips purchased from vending machine 4k