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Frustrated and upset business man is reading a document and clutching his head. Concept: unfavorable, dishonest deal, problems in business, falling stock prices

Closeup man's hands arrested for financial crimes. Brown-skinned guy holding his hands back with handcuffs and money.

Man hiding cash while counting at home

Dishonest businessman in suit looks back, counts money and takes some euro banknote

Suspicious jealous woman checking boyfriend's cellphone, finding out about man betrayal and crying while man sleeping in bed. Beautiful woman in tears feeling rejected and betrayed after man cheat.

Man hiding cash while counting at home

Scam Stop Sign Word Fraud Lies Deception 3 D Animation

Man wearing a ski face mask and suit and tie getting a woman to sign paperwork concept scam, shady deal, or corrupt business

Fraud Find Stop Cons Scams Magnifying Glass Investigate Protect Prevent 3 D Animation

Business man handing over the money

Blurred sign language translator showing nuts gesture and facepalm leaving as politician woman talking looking at camera. Interpreter walking away as dishonest lady presenting speech.

Shady deceitful deceptive businessman, insurance agent, or salesman giving paperwork contract or mortgage loan agreement to a naive woman consumer to sign in her home

Rich man counts money

Positive woman paying with cash shaking hands with doctor in hospital indoors. Side view happy Caucasian women talking smiling standing in medical clinic. Medicine and bribery concept.


Hypocritical gay man hugging friend rolling eyes smiling. Portrait of insincere young Caucasian LGBTQ person meeting woman outdoors on city street embracing. Hypocrisy and dissimulation concept.

Excited, positive and amused proud owner of stack of euro bills makes it rain by throwing money in the air. he is happy and wants to spend the stash on pleasures of life, smiles confidently into

Real surveillance cameras caught and recorded the burglar breaking into the house,came across a dog and runs away

Arrogant elegant woman waving looking around standing in camera flashes at black background. Portrait of egotistic narcissist posing for press journalists at news conference.

Young businessman with dollars is sitting in the office near the american flag

Coins rolling on white table

Fake News Lies Newspaper Headline Dishonest Media 3 D Animation

Schoolgirl copying solution from classmate at exam in school on bookcase library background. Tricky student girl peeking test answer in cheat sheet in classroom

Cash Money giveaway

Fraud Puzzle Find Stop Prevent Crime Dishonesty Scam Cons 3 D Animation

Slow motion of handing over the money

Corruption business

Close up dark skinned hands with money locked in handcuffs. Arrested businessman for not paying taxes. Grey background.

Tracking shot of multi ethnic groupmates passing cheat sheet to each other when taking test at university

Dissatisfied arrogant woman walking closing from annoying cameras flashes at black background. Portrait of irritated public person at conference. Irritation and selfishness.

Dark-skinned businessman's hands in handcuffs holding money. Arrested finance criminal, grey isolated background.

Someone Throws Cardboard Box On The Ground. Dishonest Delivery Of Goods.

Dishonest woman hugging man looking at camera with dissatisfied facial expression. Portrait of unloving Caucasian wife girlfriend embracing husband boyfriend thinking. Doubts concept.

The real surveillance camera photographed and recorded the robber with a knife to get into the house and kills someone

Wrong False Lie Bad Answer Response Word 3 D Animation

Time To Stop Fraud Clock Prevent Crime Cons Scams 3 D Animation

Close-up of Caucasian hands flipping through stack of medical masks and pack of dollars. Unrecognizable corrupt officials in medical industry. Covid-19, pandemic, dishonest earnings. Cinema 4k ProRes

Growing chart graphic animation, Bribery.

Alternative Facts Lies Mistruths Wrong Information Thought Cloud 3 D Animation

Schoolgirls holding cheat sheet in hand on school exam. Student girl solving task with cheat sheet at school test in class

Truth Chalk Outline Dead Body Killed Lies Deception

Woman doctor refusing bribes or kickbacks, currencies dollar, patient giving money for medical services, concept of corruption.

The real surveillance camera photographed and recorded the robber with a knife to get into the house

Doctor gives an expensive medical prescription to a female patient for a cash money payment- concept