Secrets for getting video post production right every time

A lot happens during video post-production, so staying organized is essential for success. With the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit, you’ll get all the templates, trackers, and other documents your team needs.

The video post-production process is when all of your hard work starts to take shape. During post, you’ll take all of that raw footage you’ve collected and transform it into a polished, complete video. It can be challenging and time-consuming, but when video post production is done right, the results are undeniable. 

So, how do you do it right, exactly?

The Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit includes everything you need to put your video post-production on the right track (as well as pre-production and distribution). It includes a wide assortment of planning templates, spec sheets, and checklists designed to improve your team’s processes.  

Post production requires both patience and precision, making strong organization an absolute necessity. But with teams spread thin, creating all the documents you need to keep things on track can feel overwhelming. That’s why the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit contains ready-made, editable versions of all the essential resources you need to stay organized. With your team using them, they’ll be free to focus on what they do best: Creating great videos.

The Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit is packed with all the post-production resources you need to create more videos — better than ever before.

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The video post production section of the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit focuses on all things “post.” In it, video creators of all skill levels will find the same tools that the Storyblocks video production team uses to make our most popular content, including:

A media folder organization guide to keep your assets in check during video post production

Disorganization is the arch-nemesis of efficient video post-production. By this stage of production you’ve most likely accumulated a huge number of assets like production documents, raw audio and video files, and any other visual elements. These can quickly become an organizational nightmare on your desktop if you don’t have a thoughtful file structure in place. 

With the media folder organization guide you’ll find in the toolkit, you can keep everything straight. It walks you through every step to set up a neat and tidy system of file folders and subfolders. This will ensure all project assets are always right where you need them, when you need them. You’ll also pick up some tricks of the trade, like the best method for naming your folders. With it, you’ll always be able to find everything you need for your project.

A social media video spec sheet for cross-platform dominance

Audiences today are spread out all over social media, which makes video distribution a challenge. Especially when you consider that video requirements vary significantly depending on which platform you use. 

The social media video spec sheet in the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit is your at-a-glance reference guide. In it, you’ll find the exact video specifications for the top social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and more. It makes the perfect cheat sheet for your video post production by removing all guesswork for formatting your videos across different social outlets. It details everything from the best length of videos for each platform, video format, optimal resolutions, aspect ratios, and more. Sometimes these requirements change, so the spec sheet is fully editable, making it easy for you to stay up to date.

Tailoring your videos for different social platforms is a topic we cover at length in How to Create a Contemporary Video Strategy. That guide makes an outstanding supplement to the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit, so be sure to check it out! We recommend that you read the guide to jumpstart your strategic planning before you start producing content. It offers expert video strategy tips on everything from setting objectives to distribution to optimizing videos for your target audience.

A final edit to-do list to stick the landing on your video post production

You work way too hard on your videos to let a forgotten step derail your entire production. Avoid that headache-inducing scenario with the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit’s final edit to-do list. This simple checklist serves as your home-stretch sanity check to make sure you haven’t missed anything important. Start at the top and work your way down, checking off everything you’ve done along the way. It’s a simple tool for staying organized all the way through that moment when you click “export.”

These resources are just a small sample of what you’ll find in the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit. The video post-production section of the toolkit has a lot more to offer, including:

  • Basics of video editing: Whether you’re an experienced pro brushing up or a video newbie in search of expert advice, our video on video editing basics contains the tips you’ll need to get started.
  • How to use stock on social media: Master the subtle art of pairing engaging stock media images, audio, and more with this detailed article.
  • How to map out a video concept: Learn all about crafting your videos’ message and how to communicate it most effectively with this helpful video walkthrough.
  • How to set your video strategy objectives: Read expert advice on strategy setting from video marketing experts at HubSpot, Descript, as well as in-house at Storyblocks

Plus, more helpful articles, videos, and resources!

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