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The work doesn’t end when you post your video. Access our team’s favorite worksheets and tools for simplifying video measurement, testing, and distribution.

You’ve shot your footage, recorded your sound, and have painstakingly edited your final cut together. Your newest video is ready for its big debut. Now all that’s left to do is publish it and let the views roll in, right? Not quite. You’ve got one final step in your journey: testing, distribution, and video measurement. Here, you’ll conduct experiments to help you perfect your video and ensure you reach your target audience with maximum impact.

Before you can step into the role of video distribution scientist, you’ll need to get organized. But good organization takes time, and with video marketing teams already stretched to the max, time is a resource in short supply. That’s exactly why we’ve created the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit. In it, you’ll find a unique collection of templates, guides, tracking documents and more designed to give you a head start on testing, distribution, and video measurement (as well as pre-production and post-production).

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Pre-made resources to help your team create amazing video fast

The toolkit is loaded with the same time-saving resources and video planning tools our creative team at Storyblocks uses. Its contents have been essential to our video distribution success over the years. With these tools, we’ve been able to see what platforms respond to our content, how video length impacts engagement, and more. That’s why we wanted to share it with anybody looking to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily. Whether your team is made up of experienced veterans, first-timers, or a mix of both, the toolkit has something to empower everyone to do their best work.

The testing and distribution portion of the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit makes a perfect cheat sheet in the final sprint towards publishing, measuring, and optimizing your videos. We know every team’s video production process is different, so we included a broad cross-section of worksheets, tools, and more.

Get the free toolkit today, and elevate your team’s video distribution process. You won’t find this carefully curated selection of documents, templates, and expert knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

A video goal tracker to define your distribution goals and record video measurement

Testing is a key part of video distribution, but it won’t do you much good unless you know what you’re supposed to be testing and how to measure the results. Think about what isn’t working in your videos or what metrics need improving. Are viewers consistently tuning out before your call to action (CTA)? Is your engagement low? Are conversions not what you thought they’d be? Chances are there’s a reason you’re not seeing the results you want. This video goal tracker can help you discover why.

Use the toolkit’s video goal tracking document to create a testing process that measures the metrics you need and delivers actionable insights. The tracker is perfect for organizing and documenting your video experiments. With it, your team can keep everything in one place as you test (and re-test) before publishing. Need space for more campaigns? Expand it as much as you want. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve also included some questions to help focus your testing in the right areas. Simply answering the questions will get your experimentation off to a good start and keep everything on track. For a little extra guidance, each question also includes a sample set of answers. We talk quite a bit about video measurement, distribution and testing in our How to create a contemporary video strategy guide. If you haven’t already, get the guide to help round out your knowledge of some distribution best practices.

A paid social media campaign tracker to devise new tests and measure your results

Paid social is a popular strategy for targeting audiences, but keeping track of the results can be a hassle. With the paid social media tracker, video measurement is easier than ever. You can organize and map out multiple campaigns at once while keeping the results at your fingertips. Easily monitor everything from your timeline, budget, target platforms, audience demographics you want to reach, and more. We have also included examples for each aspect of your campaign to guide you through using the tracker. Simply fill in the details of your campaigns in the space provided to keep everything neatly organized and in one place.

More helpful resources for video measurement and distribution

These handy documents are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit. You’ll also find heaps of expert advice, video guides, and so much more.

  • How to test and optimize your videos: A crash course in optimizing your videos for your audience(s), straight from Storyblocks’ own video marketing experts. This video guide walks you through the testing process step by step, including developing your testing strategy and video measurement.
  • How to create a contemporary video strategy: Learn the 7 essential components of creating effective video strategies in today’s economy. In it, we pick the brains of Storyblocks’ video team, as well as marketers from enterprise partners HubSpot and Descript. Even if your team has a smaller budget, this guide has expert advice and proven strategies to help you knock your videos out of the park every time.
  • Expert video testing tips: Find out how veteran video marketers at HubSpot, Descript, and Storyblocks use testing and iteration to improve their videos. This article provides some solid guidance about how to optimize the video measurement and distribution process for best results.

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Video marketers know developing a solid, repeatable video measurement, distribution and testing strategy is the all-important final hurdle to clear before putting your video out into the world. The Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit includes everything you need to get started quickly and finish strong. Get the toolkit today, and instantly access the vast selection of tools, documents, templates, and much more. With it, you’ll be working more efficiently, and delivering higher-quality videos more consistently.

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