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Take your team’s entire production process to the next level with the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit, full of free video marketing tools to hep you create better videos, faster than ever.

Creating great videos involves many moving parts that need to work together seamlessly to drive results. This means strong organization and a reliable, streamlined production process are essential for keeping projects on track. But with most teams already so pressed for time, creating the necessary documents and processes from scratch can be a big ask. That’s why we’ve put together the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit, which is overflowing with video marketing tools and resources to help your team at every stage of the video creation process.

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In it, you’ll find dozens of time-saving tools, worksheets, and supplemental guides. Everything in the toolkit is designed to empower video production teams to do their best and most efficient work. It includes something for everybody, from seasoned experts to video production newbies.

The Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit covers every stage from pre- and post-production all the way to distribution and testing. These resources are the same ones that our own team at Storyblocks uses to create our most popular videos. These resources have been so instrumental to fine-tuning our production process over the years that we knew they were too valuable to keep them to ourselves. 

Get the free toolkit today to access all of the video marketing tools, templates, and other resources you need to put your team on the path to video production greatness.

We’ve broken out the toolkit into three sections to help you perfect every stage of the production process.

Pre-production resources and templates

There’s a lot that takes place in the pre-production stage, which sets the tone for how the rest of the video comes together. Before you start filming, it’s important to document and organize every element of your video. Some parts of this process are logical and linear; others are a bit more abstract. The toolkit includes everything you need to accomplish both, and stay organized every step of the way.

This section provides foundational resources to help you conquer every part of pre-production, from storyboarding to scripts to developing a great concept. Taking the time to do these things the right way will help ensure smooth sailing for the rest of the production. The Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit will help get you there.

For even more strategies and insights, the toolkit pairs perfectly with “How to create a contemporary video strategy. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to create videos faster, better, and cheaper in today’s economy.

Video marketing tools for post-production

Once you’ve shot all your footage and gathered all of your B-roll, you’ve officially entered the post-production phase. This is where your video starts to take shape through editing and the real magic happens. 

If you’re just getting started with video editing basics, this section contains useful editing tools for beginners to demystify the process. For more experienced video teams, it includes a Premiere Pro keyboard shortcut guide and a customizable final edit to-do checklist. You’ll even find helpful hints to get more out of your stock media subscription in the toolkit.

In the post-production section, you’ll find the video marketing tools you need to stay organized and ensure the editing process runs smoothly.

Need a leg up mastering post-production? Get your free toolkit today for all of the resources you’ll need for the perfect final cut, every time.

Templates to simplify video distribution & testing

Finally, once production has wrapped, it’s finally time to put your video out into the world. But don’t rest easy just yet, because how and where you publish can make or break a video’s success. In the third section of the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit, we help you keep your eyes on the prize as you race towards the finish. 

You started out organized, and if things are going according to plan, that organization has probably already paid noticeable dividends. Now it’s important to keep everything tight until you hit the publish button. This can include everything from defining and tracking objectives with a video goal tracker, to organizing paid social media tests using a campaign tracker. You’ll even hear wisdom from video marketing pros about how they test and optimize videos to quickly iterate and improve.

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As a video marketer, you already know the success of a production can hinge upon an organized and reliable process. Especially when budgets are tight. Whether your team is made of veterans, folks just learning the ropes, or a combination of the two, the Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit can help.

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Get all the video marketing tools, pre-made templates, and resources you need to make better videos, faster. You’ll gain back valuable time for you and your team all while improving the quality and performance of your videos. Also, did we mention that it’s completely free?

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