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Teen boy sitting on cozy bed late at night and watching comedy on TV laughing with humorous jokes

man watching on television

Woman Relax On Sofa Watching Film On TV With Remote

Multi-Cultural Group Of Friends Wearing Team Shirts In Sports Bar Celebrating Watching Game On TV

A man watches a television in a luxury hotel room. From behind, with green screen for customizable content.

Rear view of family sitting on sofa at home watching green screen TV and laughing at comedy - shot in slow motion

Two Females Watching Green Screen TV

Rear View. Family couple watches green screen TV mockup sitting on couch in living room together. Man and woman watching TV chroma key in

Movie Night: Young Couple Relaxing on the Couch, Watching Exciting Movie on TV. Girlfriend and Boyfriend Embrace, Cuddle, Talk, Smile and watch Television Streaming Services in Cozy Home. Zoom in

Woman watches green screened TV V1

Tracking of sad woman sitting on couch and crying while watching drama on TV in evening

A man watches television while holding a tablet device. Screen customizable with included optional luma matte and tracking points for advanced tracking.

Couple Sitting On Sofa With Popcorn Laughing Watching Comedy On TV Together

Young couple enjoying movie night on the couch.

Woman watching television with green screen. Unrecognizable female person watches tv with chroma key, sitting on sofa in living room. Spare time at home, relaxing and leisure.

Group of cheerful multiethnic friends watch sports on TV at home using projector with snacks and drinks slow motion.

A Couple Watches TV with a Green Screen in a Cozy Living Room

Children watch cartoons on TV in the playroom. Two blond girls sit on soft pillows in front of the TV and watch children's cartoons. The concept of teaching children TV from an early age.

Adorable child enjoying cartoons on TV

Relaxing Watching Football on TV

Young man watching digital TV or reading news on laptop, resting at home, tracking shot, free space

Slowmo shot of group of senior friends watching horror movie on television sitting together on sofa in cozy living room

Amused man laughing watching comedy movie on TV eating popcorn

Couple sitting on the sofa and watching something on television

Couple relaxing watching green screen tv in living room. Caring man embrace girl resting home on weekend. Unrecognized family spend time together enjoying chroma key film. Streaming platform concept

A man watches TV in the evening. He's sitting on the couch. Eating popcorn and shaking her head.

Group Of Friends Eating Popcorn Sitting On Sofa At Home Watching Evening TV And Relaxing Together

Late night TV watching

Static tripod shot of couple having a snack while looking at green screen tv watching a movie and turning up the volume. Woman and man watching chroma key television and zapping while sharing popcorn.

Couple sitting on couch and eating chips while watching a movie on television at night.

Man and woman cozy on the couch watch a TV with green screen. Dolly slider 4K footage

Funny football fans cheering while watching televised match in room. Three happy male friends resting in the evening at home with beer and cheering up for a goal. Group of Friends Watches TV in Home

Couple enjoying a football game on TV

Back view of friends drinking beer and watching sports on tv with green screen in living room.

Man relaxing on the sofa at home and watching some tv programme

Two Families Watching Sports On Television And Cheering

Adorable Asian sisters enjoying cartoons together

A Couple Watches TV with a Green Screen in a Cozy Living Room

Dolly-in shot of woman in glasses sitting on couch and eating popcorn while watching show on TV

Couple relaxing on sofa watching on tv with green screen. Zoom in shot.

Roommates choosing movie to watch on tv

Happy Black Woman Watching Comedy Show On TV

Rear view of man looking at green TV. Concept. Man was watching green-screen TV sitting in dark. Man turned off TV and went to sleep

Group Of Excited Male Friends Watching Sports On TV And Celebrating At Home With Pizza Together

Couple Sitting On Sofa Spilling Popcorn As They Watch Thriller On TV Together

Woman Holding TV Remote Controller At home. Female watching boring TV sitting on couch looking at camera.

Rear view of family sitting on sofa watching green screen TV at home as father jumps in surprise - shot in slow motion

Mother with son watching comedy on tv