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Surprised guy watching tablet screen indoors zoom on. Excited man reading pad computer message opening mouth at home closeup. Happy shocked businessman holding digital device gesturing yes at couch

Girl using the internet at night - reflection of screen with images on her glass

BARCELONA, SPAIN, 11 APRIL, 2022: Woman reading Joe Biden Twitter, starlink, watching american news on phone, POV. Student holding smartphone. Reading web page close-up.

Woman hand operating a remote control for a smart TV. Searching among different apps on smart television.


Resting brunet watching tv in modern living room close up. Serious young man focused on television show sitting comfortable couch alone.


Handsome bearded man use phone sitting on sofa at home. Scrolling and watching social media at home. People lifestyle concept.

Millennial man laughing home at evening closeup. Positive person reading funny news at computer remotely. Smiling guy using pc device receiving message. Excited male feeling happy watching comedy

Man with remote control watching TV at home

Petrozavodsk, Russia - April circa, 2022: A married couple watches the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin on TV

Happy couple watching tv and switching channels looking at green screen in modern living room. Woman and man watching chroma key television.


A woman looks at a smartphone screen while watching news clips in the morning before starting work in earnest.

Confident anchor announcing breaking news in TV studio. Male Television presenter broadcasting in newsroom

News TV Studio Set 14 - Virtual Green Screen Background Loop

A young charming blonde girl reads a pleasant information or a message from a friend on a laptop attentively. A pretty lady is happy and


Smiling woman use smartphone outdoors closeup. Joyful brunette messaging online watch social media at rocky Digital lifestyle concept

Woman watching tv at home

Man hand operating a remote control for a smart TV. Searching among different apps on smart television.

Happy couple at home in kitchen at breakfast using smartphone together browsing online


Beautiful young Asian woman feeling annoyed while holding a phone to browse on social media and internet, sitting down at a restaurant waiting for breakfast


Teenagers laughing and chat about what they seeing. Young girl showing screen of her phone to friends, excited to share some news while

Smiling woman reading good news on tablet at home

Elderly married couple watching TV while hugging at home

Hipster watching news on smartphone at skatepark. Man using cellphone outdoors. Digital technology concept.

Man using isolated screen smart TV to watch news program broadcasting in living room. Cord cutter watching chroma key ultrawide television

Couple sitting on sofa in living room, watching news with anchorwoman on TV channel about astronauts, space mission, exploring Mars environment. Man and woman resting at home on weekend.

Journalist gives news with greenscreen on live television program, using modern technology copyspace template in newsroom. Man reporter

Caucasian Woman Using Laptop On Sofa In Evening

Attractive man chilling on couch and watching TV, breaking news in evening. Adult Afro American guy being excited of show and rejoicing at

Girl with glasses using the internet at night

Sad couple watching terrible news on computer at home together. Upset family feeling apart in front of laptop screen in living room. Stressed people being surprised near notebook in luxury house.

Young couple at home enjoying a funny internet moment with a tablet

Couple sitting on sofa in living room with snacks and soda, watching TV news about medicine, new drugs and treatment, spending weekend together at cozy home. TV live broadcasting.

Worried woman watching news online at home. Close up of sad business woman face looking monitor. Portrait of female professional failure business

Asian woman She felt sad when she looked at the screen of her tablet when she read the news

Exciting content. Young happy guy web surfing online on laptop, watching internet news late in evening

Close-up of focused middle age man wearing computer glasses for reducing eye strain, browsing internet, reading news, watching screen working online late. Tracking dolli shot

Man watching TV at home


Tired man choosing channel relaxing home sofa after hard day close up. Bored handsome guy switching tv show using remote controller on couch

Woman with remote control switching tv channels. Back of the head. A woman watching television

Back view shot of middle-aged woman sitting in front of retro television against red, yellow and blue background, woman with great interest watching TV broadcasting and news media. TV addiction of

Couple sitting on sofa together in living room with modern interior, watching news about new wave of Covid 19 pandemic on TV channel. Man and woman spending weekend at home Television medicine program

Happy contented businessman reading good news on a tablet late at night. reflection in glasses

Joyful woman engaging in pleasant online conversation with friends.

Over the shoulder shot of man eating wok noodles with chopsticks from takeaway carton box and watching sport news on TV while sitting on sofa in the living room

Asian journalist does newscast with greenscreen on live tv program, presenting daily news and important events. Woman news anchor covering

Woman using smartphone in living room. Young lady messaging, chatting with friends and family. Social media, online communication.

Man chews popcorn. Puts some corn in his mouth with his left hand.

happy man is reading good news on screen of smartphone, winner of lottery or success in business