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Sad, unhappy young handsome man sitting in armchair at home

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky

Depressed adult businessman feeling sad after being fired

Disappointed female instructor feeling upset in fitness club. Closeup unhappy girl sitting in fitness gym. Portrait of exhausted woman feeling sad in sport club.

Exhausted Middle Eastern teen boy with migraine rubbing eyes and putting on eyeglasses sitting indoors. Portrait of tired overwhelmed student doing homework at home. Headaches and exhaustion.

Businessman frustrated by bad news on laptop late in night office

The sight of the depressed man. Slow motion

Anxious millennial arabic indian ethnicity woman thinking of difficulties.

Silhouette of tired businesswoman having headache sitting at office desk

Headache. Close up of frustrated man being drunk while sitting on the floor and touching his face

Lonely sad chubby woman sitting in kitchen at home and sighing. Portrait of upset young Caucasian overweight lady spending morning alone at home. Loneliness concept.

Sad man by the window

Nervous girl is sitting near high building

A man outside is massaging his temples as a result of a severe headache.

Sad Caucasian handsome employee sitting on office floor sighing thinking. Portrait of troubled man in formal clothes indoors in corridor. Frustration and depression concept.


Close-up of depressed mature lonely man in the dark.

Upset young businessman in frustration outside office department. Fired unhappy caucasian bearded man losing job crying and sitting on stairs. Unemployment. Crisis

Heartbroken young woman sitting in front of window and thinking. Side view portrait of sad beautiful Caucasian lady after breakup. Frustration and depression concept.


Dramatic portrait of crying woman

Depressed african woman lying on bed embraces pillow feels unhappy

Sad man looks outside the window

Upset frustrated biracial young lady feeling anxious at home.

Depressed Unhappy Young Suicidal Teenage Girl on Bed

Depressed young woman lying on bed, female insomnia at night

Silhouette of sad woman sitting on the sill and looking out the window


Elderly woman crying, closeup

depressed and very upset young man in the car. problems in business or personal life

Sad, desperate woman walking by window at home at night, super slow motion


Arabian student in casual wear sitting on floor in living room and using laptop, multiracial roommates on sofa browsing internet with smartphones. Girl receiving bad news and friends cheering her up


Depressed black girl sitting in living room and multiracial roommates comforting her and cheering up. Good friends trying to help. Concept of support

Sad man standing next to the window at home


Unhappy black girl sitting on sofa in living room, her multiethnic roommates gossiping behind her back, home decor on background. Evil jealous females rumoring about beautiful girl


Multiracial girls in casual wear sitting on sofa in living room, watching sad movie and crying, home decor on blurred background. Sympathetic female friends wiping tears with tissues


Angry girl in casual wear sitting on sofa at home, her roommates gossiping behind her back, home decor and green plant on background. Jealous females whispering rumor. Concept of envy

Pensive man sitting in restaurant and looks worried, steadycam shot

Close-up of depressed brunette woman thinking sitting on city embankment on spring autumn day. Sad Caucasian beautiful slim millennial with broken heart outdoors. Slow motion.

Morose woman leaning on tree in the park and thinking

Teenage Girl Looking Frustrated And Worried 4 K

Thoughtful korean asian woman looking out of window.

Sad depressed girl with teddy bear, punishment. Childhood. Education. Problem. Sad little girl and her teddy bear. Sad little girl feels lonely.

Silhouette of upset man

Portrait of nervous stressed Middle Eastern boy making mistake writing on paper doing homework indoors. Overworked student in eyeglasses studying at home on coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Sad woman traveling alone by train, steadycam shot

Front view of sad and depressed woman indoors, mental health concept. Slow motion.


Sympathetic attractive woman mental health professional sitting on sofa, comforting depressed female patient, expressing understanding, care and support during psychotherapy session in doctor office.

Worried woman sitting in the street cafe and thinking about her problem

Sad Man at Seaside

Unhappy couple looking worried and sitting in silence