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Unrecognizable hand switching channels on TV set holding silver remote tv controller

Television with green screen close-up. Chroma key on tv set in modern living room. Horizontal mock-up, domestic cinema concept.


Man watching TV late at night, informing himself on latest news by watching reporter cover different subjects. Person relaxing by looking at

Television with chroma key close-up. Green screen display on tv set in cozy living room in evening.

Antique Television Set Medium Shot Dolly In To vintage Tv Set

Chroma key smart TV in living room closeup. Device with blank screen in sunlight. Flat screen TV set mockup at home. Watching television shows streaming platforms movies. Weekend leisure time concept.

No signal just noise on old analogue TV set

Families enjoying TV time together in living room

TV Green screen in living room. Concept. Chroma key screen for advertising.

Static noise on a vintage TV set in a dark room

Static noise on a vintage TV set in a dark room

Hand holding silver remote tv controller and push buttons switching channels on TV set


Full footage of young Chinese woman sitting on bunk bed in dark tiny capsule flat, reading textbook, getting ready for college exam, and TV set playing horror movie in background

Close-up of joyful parents with young children enjoying family time in bedroom

Film streaming green screen tv in living room. Friends talking resting at home. Flat screen TV set with chroma key blank background. Unrecognized couple watch television shows enjoy romantic evening

Retro TV set with eighties aerobics lesson tape running in screen in living room


African american man watching news program on modern TV about artificial intelligence subject, zoom in close up shot. Cord cutter

Young couple enjoying wine and conversation on the couch, with their dog nearby and a green screen TV

Likable positive confident qualified diverse business team sitting at company office ad clapping hands before or after successful presentation on TV with green chroma ,modern technology concept

Young couple watching TV together. Enjoying entertainment or TV enthusiasts.


Focus on office desk in front of smart TV in blurry background displaying news program broadcasting. Laptop on table and television screen

Relaxed couple watching a movie on the couch with tired expressions


Man in home theatre watching huge TV screen showing news broadcast reportages on family trips. Zoom in shot on cord cutter looking at

Interior of well-lit dining room in furniture store with long wooden dining table in center and black and white chairs around it


African american man watching journalist talking about various stories on news channel. Person relaxing in home theatre by looking at


Dimly lit apartment with office desk in front of smart TV displaying news program broadcasting. Laptop on table and television screen in


Focus on office desk in front of smart TV in blurry background displaying news program broadcasting. Laptop on table and television screen


Smart TV in empty living room displaying breaking news coverage with anchorwoman talking about medical AI uses, zoom in shot. Big television

Dolly shot of a woman sitting in front of TV set with her back to the camera and changing channels quickly, screen with noise at the end

Happy Korean Family At Home: Mother And Father Watching Funny Family Television Show And Laughing With Their Little Son And Daughter On The Couch

Diverse professionals voting in online conference with colleagues in modern boardroom

Happy Family Celebrating Victory in Video Games at Home

Happy mixed race couple enjoying leisure time at home playing games on TV

Woman cleaning television

The concept of destruction of technology. Smashing a computer with sledge hammer. Huge sledgehammer smashes computer, pc

Ecstatic friends celebrate team's goal at home


African american man in home theatre watching widescreen smart TV showing news broadcast about black friday sales. Cord cutter entertained

Happy Family Enjoying TV Show Together

White and gray monochrome noise effect on TV set screen. Bad tv signal, poor reception. Television grainy noise effect background texture

Portrait of enthusiastic young woman enjoying a football match at home with snacks

Reflection through mirror of spacious modern living room with TV set and armchair merged with dining room with big table and multiple chairs

Young girl in retro aerobic outfit exercising with fitness tape on TV in living room


Man watching medical AI news discussed by presenter, displayed on smart TV in neon lit apartment. Person following newscast about artificial

Likable happy excited diverse male and female friends celebraing scored ball of favourite team and giving high five each other at revision game on TV


Man holding remote, watching news channel on television broadcast. Focus on person relaxing on couch in apartment by looking at widescreen

Woman dusting the bookcase

Rear full shot of red-haired Caucasian girl in eighties aerobic outfit exercising with fitness tape running on retro TV in living room in afternoon

Close Up Of Adorable Little Siblings Watching Television On Sofa In Cozy Living Room And Laughing Happily. Korean Brother And Sister Enjoying TV Sho