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Recording TV shows in a TV studio

People Working On Photo Shoot In Studio

A mans hands pulling up the knobs of an audio mixer in a studio...


Professional tracking engineer editing music by adding sound effects in control room at studio, recording tracks and using mixing console

Recording music studio engineer mixing board sound desk in recording studio

A man sound engineer sitting in the studio wearing headphones and working on the track

Part of screen with frequency waves during process of creating and recording new music by modern artists in studio

Bird's-eye shot of film shooting in a big film studio. Film crew working on movie production. Producer assistant gives action with movie clapper board and the film crew starting working.

Multiethnic coworkers analyzing graphic developing technology and new production interface in agency studio. Artistic developer talking to team leader about faulty infographics software.


An expert potter, he creates with clay and his hands a beautiful vase in his laboratory. The artis

closeup of woman in cowboy style dancing and have fun

Professional photo studio with nobody in. Before a fashion photo shoot. There is lighting equipment and white background

Female stage manager and cameraman working in team with professional filmmaking equipment in studio and shooting coverage

Film crew working on movie production. Make-up artist applying make-up on black actress, producer assistant gives action with movie clapper board.


Woodworker looking over blueprints on laptop, brainstorming with colleague next steps in wood processing. Manufacturer and BIPOC apprentice

Studio Stripes Screen

buttocks of three ladies in bikinis

Young man showcasing breakdancing skills in red light

Colorful abstract blurred smoke rising over a black background in studio

Blue Tinted Studio Control Room


Portrait of professional fashion designer drawing a new shoe model according to the italian tradition. Concept:fashion, design, mode, style


Abstract Smoke Fog and Mist Effect Swirling Surreal Shapes Background

Graphic designer creating professional movie content with filmmaking software in agency office, creative digital film. Cinematographer editing video footage with lighting and focus, videography.

Fruit Drink or Juice in Cup with Ice Cubes Close Up. Drinking Juicy Beverage as Healthy Fresh Food Isolated on Modern Studio Shot in Macro


Side view of young Asian woman standing against brown background. A young woman opens her eyes and looks somewhere to the side. .

Young individuals participating in a TV show, engaging in conversation in a well-lit studio

Video lens of professional digital video camera. Close up of digital video camera lens. Professional camera lens. Movie camera shots reportage. Focus aperture of lens and focus ring

News TV Studio Set 10 - Virtual Green Screen Background Loop

News TV Studio Set 14 - Virtual Green Screen Background Loop

Crew in a production studio getting people ready to participate in an on stage discussion or interview with cameras in the foreground waiting to shoot

African American music producer walking in audio studio with colorful neon light, sitting at desk, opening laptop, putting on headphones and adjusting microphone while getting ready for work


Empty control room filled with and sliders used for recording and editing music, mix and master concept. Professional studio panel board

Young individuals participating in a TV show in a modern studio, engaging in conversation.

Macro man hands moving sliders on soundboard. Unrecognizable music producer adjusting sound on control desk. Sound engineer touching console in recording studio.

Footage of a person using a clapper board isolated on a black background...

Empty Studio Background

Camera approaching professional microphone in sound recording studio

Men filmmakers adjusting professional light stand in studio together, with lighting on and blinking at camera


Control room desk equipped with motorized faders and amplifier used in mixing and mastering tracks with audio console. Empty soundproof

Large audio studio recording desk equipment panel in music recording studio

Camera lens close up shot. Zoom in, zoom out

Clean Studio Virtual Background

Female stage manager and cameraman working in team with professional filmmaking equipment in studio and shooting coverage


Diverse team of musician and audio technician creating a hit song, working in professional music studio. Artist with producer editing and

Studio camera at a broadcast news studio

News TV Studio Set 53 - Virtual Green Screen Background Loop


Underwater Ballet Witness the Graceful Swirls and Twists of Ink As It Moves in a Hypnotic Dance. Real shot color paint drops in water in slow motion. Ink swirling underwater.


Studio shot of beautiful ballerina in black tutu and pointe shoes performing arabesque and dancing against cyc wall background