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Close up arc shot of headphones on mixing console in control room of recording studio

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Macro man hands moving sliders on soundboard. Unrecognizable music producer adjusting sound on control desk. Sound engineer touching console in recording studio.

Close up shot of professional microphone with pop filter in recording studio with purple neon light

Control room desk equipped with motorized faders and amplifier used in mixing and mastering tracks with audio console. Empty soundproof

Sound engineer working at a mixing desk

A moving shot of a man in a recording studio working on an audio mixer, the shot is moving from left to right...

Retro audio tape deck recorder machine to record audio onto a magnetic strip

Sound engineer counting down for artist in vocal booth to start singing and producing new music, control room technical gear. Skilled audio

Music producer working with band in recording studio

Display of VU meter working in recording studio


No people medium full of equipment at audio engineers desk in control room of recording studio - digital workstation, computer monitor with editing software, keyboard, microphone, loudspeakers

Footage of a recording programe in a recording studio

A talented young woman singing in recording studio

Empty control room professional studio used in music recording industry, mixing console and post production equipment. Soundproof with daw

Audio technician works on music post production with greenscreen in control room, pushing sliders and faders to adjust volume level

Close up shot of young artist with dreadlocks singing in recording studio with purple light

Professional studio control room with pre amp and faders, key on recording desk, soundproofAudio mixer and regulator used to produce music

Audio engineer uses mixing console, remote control for adjusting sound, audio mixer. Musician changes the volume level, creates song with modern equipment. Sound recording studio. Music production.

Sound engineer recording and editing tracks in control room, working with mixing console and technical gear in professional studio. Producer

Large audio studio recording desk equipment panel in music recording studio

Cinemagraph of an analog VU meter moves in sync with sound level. Close up on sound mixer equalizer console with many buttons at a recording studio. Loop with selective focus.

Empty soundproof control room in professional recording studio, stereo equipment with sliders and faders on panel board. Professional post

UGC of African American woman playing guitar and singing into microphone while looking at camera at neon lit home recording studio at night

Slide along an audio mixing console. Audio mixer faders and knobs. Music production and sound engineering background. 4K footage.

Recording music studio engineer mixing board sound desk in recording studio

Closeup hands working a control mixer in a recording studio

Macro man hand sticking plug to control desk in concert hall. Sound engineer preparing instrument in music studio. Unrecognizable person connecting amplifier indoor.

Rapper in a music recording studio

A recording sign turned on in a recording studio, the shot moves from the right to the left

Professional microphone in sound recording studio

Male sound engineer working at a mixing desk

Unrecognizable man tuning acoustic guitar in music studio. Macro musician hand turning knobs on fretboard in concert hall. Unknown guitarist holding instrument in recording studio.

In a recording studio - a man playing on his electric guitar - a laptop in the background with a recording software...

In a recording studio - checking up the recorded song

sound engineer working with a mixing console and microphones in a recording studio

Closeup man hands pressing keys on synthesizer in dark hall. Unrecognizable person making music in recording studio. Unknown male musician playing piano keyboard indoor.

sound engineer working with a mixing console and microphones in a recording studio

Medium shot of a female singer making mistake while recording music in studio

Composer, Sound Engineer working at the Computer processes the Sound Program

Medium shot of singer making mistake white recording in studio

In a recording studio

Male sound engineer working at a mixing desk

Macro man hand connecting amplifier in concert hall. Unknown sound engineer preparing equipment in recording studio. Unrecognizable person sticking plug with socket indoor.

Unrecognizable musician making song in dark hall. Closeup man hands playing on keyboard in recording studio. Unknown composer producing melody with piano in music studio.

Musician in a music recording studio

A man rapper recording his track in the studio actively gestures while the recording

Recording music studio engineer mixing board sound desk in recording studio