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people, technology and entertainment concept - smiling man with tv remote control at home

Unrecognizable hand switching channels on TV set holding silver remote tv controller

Monitor monitors in a TV studio during TV recording. Control room.

Vintage Analog Television with Green Screen in room


Group Of Multi-Racial Friends Sitting On Sofa Watching Horror Movie On TV Together

Zoom in rear view shot of man sitting on sofa and changing channels with TV remote control in the living room at home

An old 1970s television set with static on the screen shuts off.

Couple enjoying TV time together


Tilt up shot of chef and his female co-host talking and cooking steak in front of camera while filming culinary show in kitchen

Netflix Streaming on Television Set

Side view of Woman holding TV remote in hand while running on treadmill at home, close up

Family Couple Watching TV News Sitting on Couch in Living Room Together.

Home Relaxation: Happy Woman Watching TV with Pet

News Control Room

The male sitting on the floor near the television


Newscaster woman ending late night news on tv closeup. Smiling female anchor saying goodbye to viewers. Evening program presenter.

Retro old televisions on black background. Collection of ancient, old-styled vintage TV with grey screens, bad signal reception, ripples and interference, cinematography concept.

Businessman Interviewed by Female Journalist in Office

closeup of man using a remote control for his TV

Over the shoulder shot of man eating chips from glass bowl and watching news on TV while sitting on sofa in the living room

Rear View Of Couple Sitting On Sofa Watching TV Together


African american man trembling, covering face in shock watching horror movie, studio background. BIPOC viewer fearful of violent graphic

Man sitting on sofa with dish of grapes in front and pulling them off and eating.

Old television on in Hallway

Arab job candidate enjoying beverage while remotely being interviewed by human resources team. Muslim man drinks coffee while getting his

Old retro television with antenna on grey background. Broken old-fashioned TV screen with ripples on table, bad signal reception, cinematography concept.

Man with remote control watching TV at home


Hindu man watches live sports game sitting at bar counter in pub with multicultural friends at night. Happy sport fan rejoices, wins bet on

Two Families Watching Sports On Television And Cheering

Couple watching television together and talking with each other

Close up shot of hands of unrecognizable woman holding remote control and changing channels on TV

Woman jumping on couch. Couple on sofa in living room watching action movie on TV or criminal blockbuster on streaming service with snacks and chips, talking and discussing acting, resting at home.

Family Couple Watching TV News Sitting on Couch in Living Room Together. TV Presenter Telling Breaking News about Coronavirus, Lockdown and Vaccinations.

Woman watching television with green screen. Unrecognizable female person switching channels on tv with chroma key, sitting on sofa in living room. Spare time at home, relaxing and leisure.

Three young men in casual wear toasting

Netflix Streaming on Television Set

Person Watching Television Close Up

Man Watches Green Screen TV

film scrolling in background

Female video camera operator

TV Remote Surfing

POV man lies on a couch in an apartment living room and switches channels on TV with green screen

Friends watching television and drinking wine at the party

Retro old televisions on red neon background. Composition of ancient, old-styled vintage TV with grey screens, bad signal reception, ripples and interference, cinematography concept.

Old television with grey blank screen on home background living room. Close-up of vintage tv on kitchen table, nostalgia.

Rear View Of Family With Children Sitting On Sofa Watching TV Together

Couple watching green screen on TV at home. People using chroma key and modern equipment for mockup and template.


Selective focus shot of digital camera set on tripod shooting culinary show hosted by young couple of food bloggers in kitchen