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Stressed business man hard thinking outdoors in green park near office building

A young handsome man looks thoughtfully out of a balcony in a luxurious apartment - closeup

Man caress his beard thinking about something and suddenly gets an idea. Stylish hipster man elated because of a new idea in his mind.

Thinking process. Studio shot of young thoughtful eastern man pondering, touching his chin, looking pensively at camera

Teacher looking thoughtful and smiling to the camera

Young guy lost in thoughts sitting on couch

Man looking thoughtful while standing next to the seaside at sunset

Male sitting on steps upset

Girl crying because of hopelessness and thinking about something

Young man sitting on the armchair in the cafe and thinking about something

Playful attractive preadolescent african american girl in contemplation with thoughtful expression, keeping her index finger on chin, looking up, planning something mischievous, making choice indoors.

Attractive young woman with beautiful blue eyes thinking about something very important for her work at home.

The businesswoman in glasses looking to the big display

Close-up face of handsome young African American man thinking indoors. Headshot portrait of thoughtful confident guy with dreadlocks and brown eyes looking away. Masculinity concept.

Thinking process. Young cute lady contemplating over orange studio background

Pensive student sitting in the library and thinking about something

The serious man in glasses working near the screen. evening night time

Face of confused businessman on blurred background. Portrait of thoughtful entrepreneur in white shirt. Human facial expression of bewilderment.

portrait of pensive man with glasses in front of laptop in home, writer of journalist is thinking, freelance

Caucasian businessman working late in the office and feel headache. Tired Freelancer have a problem with red eyes. Blue screen in night animation of numbers science formula

Handsome businessman with beard looking thoughtful, steadycam shot

Young thoughtful woman having an idea. Pretty pensive girl with sly and cunning smile, green screen. Woman having interesting plan.

Man thinking with City and moon in background

A young Asian woman thinks about something in a park on a sunny day - view from below

Beautiful businesswoman drinking coffee and looking thoughtful

5 in 1 video! The man stand alone on the background of cloud flow. Time lapse. Wide angle

Young traveling man standing on the top of the mountain and looking on glaciers in Vatnajokull ice lagoon in Iceland.

writer or journalist is writing book, thinking and typing in laptop, working in home, sitting in cozy room

Girl wearing glasses and looking very thoughtful, steadycam shot

Portrait of dreamy thoughtful beautiful woman smelling delicious coffee or tea in cup and smiling. Young confident Caucasian brunette lady sitting in cafe thinking. Lifestyle and beauty concept.

Pensive student with laptop studying in the university library

Businessman sitting thinking in an office and have a new idea in his mind

A young handsome man walks down the street in an urban area at night and looks around in thought - closeup

Cute girl or teenager indoors room at home and looking out the window


Close-up portrait of thoughtful bearded grey-haired Caucasian man sitting at home thinking. Handsome senior troubled guy indoors in kitchen. Lifestyle and problems concept.

Portrait of a woman sitting at home and thinking about something

woman thinking about something and then going away

young man is waiting important message, sitting at table with open laptop, looking on screen, pensive person

Close-up view of young brunette female standing on the bridge and looking on the traffic road in New York, America.

Close-up. Portrait of male child thinking. The schoolboy with blue eyes wearing glasses is conceived looking in the direction and meditating on something. In white background, indoor, slow mot

Young man with headphones traveling by rail. He enjoying view from the train window with thoughtful look

The sight of the depressed man. Slow motion

Portrait of young beautiful sad woman standing near the waterfall in Iceland and looking around. Hair waving on wind.

Lonely woman staring at small harbour in the evening

Young teenage girl looking out subway window during ride 4k

Dolly shot of a depressed woman being deep in thoughts and then looking dully at the city through the window glass

Contemplation thinking about life woman looking to sky close up

A concentrated person who looks like a manager is trying to make an important decision. A man who works in the office looks at the laptop monitor and answers the customer.