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Four classmates chatting while walking along dark school corridor in slow motion

Modern School Hallway Walking Shot

PAN of silhouette of unrecognizable male cleaner sweeping floor with broom in dark hallway

Group of students legs standing pushing in hall close up. Unrecognized schoolchildren offending outcast together in hallway. Angry school bullies fight indoors. Adolescent violence problem concept.

Young students walking in school corridor, back to school concept.

Rear view of a person walking down a colorful hallway with artwork on the walls.

Lonely schoolgirl in dark hallway, feeling upset and scared.

Angry teenagers shouting at conflict victim. View of aggressive face expression closeup. Diverse cruel bullies insulting helpless classmate. Children offending outcast in school hall. Violence problem

Rear view of schoolchildren in uniforms running in school corridor.

Group Of High School Students Walking Along Hallway

student girl flirting classmate standing near lockers school corridor close up. Joyful teenage schoolgirl smiling talking boyfriend on lively break. Schoolmates chatting on hallway.

Side profile of a thoughtful young woman looking at a bulletin board in a hallway.

Kids Walking Through High School Hallway

United group of multiracial high school students lively chatting while walking along school hallway after lesson. Cheerful multinational classmates communicating during school break

High School Hallway - close up of feet as students enter

Group of cheerful children going home from school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown, jumping.

Steadicam Shot walking through high School Hallway

Empty School Hallway Pan From Lock To Corridor

Handheld dolly-like shot of smiling schoolgirl in uniform and glasses pushing wheelchair with laughing handicapped schoolgirl and taking selfies on tablet

Aggressive school children pressing classmate in dark corridor close up. Group of diverse angry students humiliating teasing victim. Bullies shouting on pupil outcast. Adolescent violence problem.

Group of kids with school bags walking in the school corridor

High School Hallway Walking Shot Empty School

PAN with low-section of silhouette of legs of female janitor scrubbing floor in dark corridor

Students returning to college/university, practicing COVID safety measures

Diverse faces bullies insulting teasing unknown victim in hall together close up. Aggressive students disrespect outcast classmate. Children offending mocking pupil after study. Cruel behavior concept

Diverse aggressive students pushing shaking conflict victim together in hallway. Angry bullies insulting depressed helpless boy standing in circle after classes. Physical violence in school concept.

People walking down tunnel Hallway

Sad teen boy silhouette sitting alone on stairway empty building. Thoughtful stressed schoolboy feeling depressed posing in hall. Lonely teenage guy hiding in corridor. Loneliness in school concept.

Parents At Home Helping Children Get Ready And Leave As Family Go To School Together

Opening a School Locker

Woman looking at camera being sad while against school lockers

Lockdown rear view of group of middle school students walking along hallway wearing uniform and school backpacks chatting

Camera following four outlines of schoolchildren passing through the dark hallway in slow motion

Close up of student legs walking on marble campus floor. Unrecognizable schoolchild wearing jeans going on empty corridor. Lonely teenage child wandering alone in cool sneakers. School concept.

Angry schoolchildren pushing aggression victim mocking together in hallway. Helpless boy suffering feeling stressed. Classmates shake insulting teasing schoolboy after classes. Harassing at school.

Teenage classmates standing in high school hallway, close up

Upset teen boy by window: School conflict aftermath

Portrait of determined child walking confidently in school hallway. Focused student navigating dark corridor during break, looking ahead. Worried pupil anxious about first day.

Lonely Student Walking Down High School Hallway

Hospital corridor in a clinic

High School Student And Teacher Walking Along Hallway

High School Student Couple Walking Along Hallway

Kids running in school hallway, front view, close up

A group of children running along the corridor to the classroom to the beginning of the lesson. Pupils in school uniform running down the hall in slow motion.

Elementary schoolgirl walking alone in school corridor

Group Of High School Students Walking Along Hallway

Rack Focus Of Checkered School Hallway

Cruel pupils bullies offending unhappy classmate in school hallway. Diverse teenagers pushing together depressed boy outcast. Children hitting schoolboy treat with indignity. Physical violence concept